The Month of Piggy Blessings


The homestead was covered in a cool, much needed rain this weekend.

The tomatoes are finally coming into harvest and we have enjoyed sweet cherry tomatoes and hearty yellow tomatoes so far.  I have pulled up the squash and beans since the plants had stopped producing well.  I am in the beginning stages of planning my fall garden.  Have you started planning too?

My bloom box is finally full of bright sunflower blooms, I will definitely do this again next year.  I love seeing the bright colors as I pull into the homestead.

I have a few okra plants that have taken off in the last week.  I have never grown okra before, but was delighted by the pretty blossom I found one morning.


I have several pimento peppers ready to be picked which will be turned into homemade pimento cheese tomorrow, yummy!


The girls have had a recent decrease in egg production, my guess is it has been related to the heat.  Our girls can be a bit sensitive in their egg laying routines (particularly if they are mad at me for keeping them cooped up), but we are still getting plenty each day.

The chickens love any garden scraps I throw their way!


The Crib Girls, the Black Copper Maran flock of four, are now free ranging and they couldn’t be happier.  It is such a joy to watch them race around the yard with their wings fully extended just enjoying the open air.  They have not started to lay their unique chocolate eggs yet, but it should be soon.

This has been quite a month full of piggy blessings!

Doyle has adjusted wonderfully to homestead life.  He is such a curious little sweetie.  He has been glued to Houidini’s side since we introduced them.  Anywhere Houidini is, Doyle is right there.  Anything Houidini does, Doyle does too.  It looks like they will be great life long companions.


Our micro pig is set to arrive this week.  After what seems like an eternity and challenge after challenge, Wednesday is the supposed arrival day.  Although I still have not received any specific details about his arrival from the breeder, I am hopeful everything will work out smoothly-why not be optimistic right?  We are so anxious to meet our little one.  This week I got his bed, bowls, toys and got the baby gate set up.  I will be dedicating a page on the blog to live piggy webcam once he arrives-so don’t miss meeting this tiny little piglet!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have an article in Carolina Country this month, have you read it?  If you don’t get the magazine, check it out HERE.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “The Month of Piggy Blessings

    • We buy the natural crumble from the local feed store, we give them “certified” organic feed when funds allow. We do not supply any extra calcium for our free range girls, but our ladies (and gentleman) who are in the pen are given oyster shells and their own crushed up shells for supplement. I have found that as long as you provide a large range of choices for food (or let them free range), the chickens get the nutrients they need.

  1. How old are the chickens? They might be going through molting. We used to buy mule city feed witch did really well with our chickens.

    • They are various ages, anywhere between 6 months and 1.5 years. The older ones haven’t been through a molt yet, so that is a great suggestion. That may be what is going on. Thank you!

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