Motorcycle Ride to Mayberry


Hubby and I spent a day riding the Harley to Mt Airy, NC this week.  This area is most well known for the home place of Andy Griffith and Mayberry.


It was a beautiful warm day as we set out on our adventure.  We planned a route mostly taking back roads.   The roads were a good ride, curvy and not very populated.  When we got closer to Mt. Airy, the horizon was filled with beautiful blue mountain ranges.

As we neared the little Mayberry area, you could feel the atmosphere change.  Older cars started to be seen riding up the roads and the population walking around aged considerably.  As we pulled into the downtown area, the streets were full of bustling folks enjoying the day.

The town has made quite a tourist establishment focusing on Mayberry.  There are police car tours, tons of little stores, and restaurants focusing on the characters from the TV show.


After walking the downtown streets and finding something to eat, hubby and I decided to ride to the Andy Griffith Museum.  You weren’t allowed to take pics in the large one room museum.  The room was filled with papers, pictures and memorabilia from his life and career.  I didn’t know that Griffith went to UNC-CH.  It was neat to learn about all his adventures throughout his life.

Downstairs there was another museum dedicated to the first recorded case of Conjoined Twins, Change and Eng Bunker.  I thought it was totally random until I learned that they actually settled in the Mt. Airy area and had many children between the two of them and their wives (who were sisters).  Interesting story!

As we set out towards home, we picked a different route.  We hate going the same way twice!

As the road went on, the hours passed with a few twists and wrong turns.  I love these times spent with hubby; the fresh air, the sights and smells and knowing that in this moment, all is well.

The long road eventually led us home and the homestead was a welcome sight.  It is a wonder how worn out riding all day in the sun can make you.

This was a fun day trip and Mayberry was a really cute little area to visit.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Motorcycle Ride to Mayberry

  1. We live close to Mt. Airy and go there frequently….the downtown “Mayberry” is a nice break from the outside world. We like the Mayberry Soda Shop, and our 3-year old enjoys ‘looking for Barney’ (i.e. the cardboard cut-outs in the shop windows). Glad you had a great trip!

    Enjoyed your article in Carolina Country!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I’d love to visit that little town. I always loved Andy Griffith. He was quite an educated man, but a lot of people don’t seem to know that.

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