Life with a Pig in the House


Our little piglet has now been here for several days, for those of you who have been tuning in on the Piggy Cam Live, you know the majority of that time has been spent sleeping.  If you haven’t tuned in yet, make sure to check it out HERE.  I post on Facebook the times the camera is on, it is usually for a few hours each day.  I love to hear the silly little things you catch him doing!

I am happy to announce that by day 3 he was using his litter box consistently-how awesome is that?

Piglets are inevitably shy and are a little wary of new people.  We had a welcome the piglet party which turned out awesome.  We had piggy tails (fries) gummy pigs, a mud pit cake, a pig shaped watermelon, pigs in a blanket, bacon maple cupcakes, boar brew (beer), piglet brew (juice boxes) and a pig pinata.


IMG_2324      IMG_2323

The piglet did a great job with all the noise and stayed cuddled up in his bed while people got to know him.

Today is the first day he has really come out of his shell and is up and about with us.  He is letting us pick him up (which is a huge feat for piglets, they instinctively do not like their little hooves off the ground) and is really interactive.  He loves to climb all over Gabe and will crawl right up in your lap.


He can jump over almost anything even though he is a little guy.  He is already developing his strong piggy rooting skills.

I am absolutely delighted to have him home.  He is such a fun little adventure and has not been very much trouble at all.  I know this will probably change as he continues to get more comfortable and really begins to explore his homestead!


We are still on the fence about what to name this little guy.  We have gotten some great suggestions, but can’t quite pick the one that fits him just right.  Thank you all so much for tuning in and welcoming him to the homestead.  He loves hearing from ya’ll.

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Life with a Pig in the House

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe there’s any question about this little guy’s name. He’s white in the middle and black on each end: OREO!

  2. He’s just so adorable!! I remember when I was that small – snorts. His name will come. There’s no rush. One day, you will just ‘feel’ it and there it will be. Can’t wait to hear more of his adventures. They intrigue me for some reason – I can’t put my snout on it – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Where do you find the time and energy to take care of your animals, garden, work, blog, AND throw parties?

    As you can see I just started my blog. It’s pretty blank.

    Here’s my recipie for a Blank Blog:

    In a bowl, stir up some emails and add a dash of things about the farm on Facebook.

    Wait for it to rise.

    You will know it is ready when you have numerous friends tell you “I love your stuff, you need to write!”

    Because you love writing, warm up a 12×12 computer and set up a WordPress site with the greatest of intentions.

    Add one picture of your cute goat.

    Refer to an afternoon college class on WordPress if you have questions.

    Throw in a generous dash of guests (yes, the farm is a popular stop off for our out-of- state summering friends, especially our cyclist friends…there are great trails out here).

    Add a large portion of gainful employment.

    Bake well under a summer sun.

    This will result in an exploding garden and greenhouse that requires much tending.

    Let cool as you try to find time to do the laundry.

    You are an inspiration my fellow red-head!

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