Fall Garden & Big Dreams


Another work weekend draws to a close, I hope everyone else had a relaxing weekend.  This week holds two important meetings for me, please send me some good vibes!

I only have a few days off before I return to work again, but I have some homestead duties that need tending to before I return.  I am in the process of planning my fall garden.  Have you started thinking about yours yet?  It is hard to believe that August is here and before I know it fall will be in full swing. 

I plan on sticking to the two raised beds that I used for the spring gardens.  The east bed is still quite full of green tomatoes.  My tomatoes were so late coming in this year due to all of the rain.  The west bed is fairly sparse, I like to pull up the plants once they have completed their bounty harvest so they do not continue to use the nutrients in the soil.  The soil has settled quite a bit, so I will need to pick up quite a few bags of soil to get it back up to the right level.

So far my fall garden will include broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic and kale.  I am still brain storming about what else sounds good for the cooler months, any suggestions?

My hubby and I are trying to do a better job of budgeting.  Our little piglet was the last major purchase on this homestead.  We really need to get focused on saving for the big farm.  In the coming year my parents, husband and I are purchasing 40-50 acres to begin farming on a larger scale.  We each will have our own little acre or two, but will share the planning, work and rewards from the rest of the land.  It has been a long term dream to own a larger farm and enjoy all the adventures it will bring with all of my immediate family.  It is super exciting to be getting closer to this dream every day.

What dreams do you have?


Until next time…



12 thoughts on “Fall Garden & Big Dreams

  1. Turnip greens are good for a fall garden…or you can purchase a seed mixture that has several different greens combined.

  2. Garlic is good to plant in the fall and harvest in early spring. Here in NC if you plan it right you can get two crops of carrots and potatoes out of a raised bed. We planted two rows of sweet potatoes this year and won’t do that again. They hog the garden all summer long and won’t be ready for harvesting till fall.
    It’s hard to stay focused on big goals when life gets in the way but your goal is worth the sacrifice big time.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. We plan on having a small herd of beef cattle, chickens, crops, an orchard, horses, goats-all kinds of fabulous farm things! Mostly for our own use, but also available for our community to enjoy.

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