A Vacation on the Horizon!

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It has been a full week here on the homestead.  Friday has come again already, which is the start of my work week.  I had several important meetings this week that all went well, thank you for all the good vibes!

Our AC went out this week for several days and wow was it hot.  It is hard to imagine how folks years ago survived this NC heat without AC.  Luckily a friend of ours fixed it for a very reasonable price so it was not too much of a hassle.

We are finally getting in some yellow tomatoes and a few cherry tomatoes, but the majority of the ones on the vine are remaining green.  It definitely hasn’t been a good tomato year for us.  I harvested Okra for the first time this week also.  I love how when you chop up okra it makes perfect little stars!  I breaded, seasoned and fried it and it was so tasty!

okra stars

I did order my fall seeds and they should be here next week.  Once the weather gets a bit cooler I will plant my fall garden.  I haven’t ever done a fall garden so I am looking forward to it.

Hubby and I are actually going to get a vacation this summer-we are super excited! It is hard to get away and leave the homestead in someone else’s hands, it can be a lot of work!  My cousin is able to stay on the homestead and I know everyone will be safe with her.  It can also be a challenge for both of us to get off work at the same time with our hectic schedules.  My husband, parents, sister, brother in law, nieces and nephews will all be going to Myrtle Beach for a few days.  I love spending time with my family, I am so blessed to have a loving, fun, silly family.  We are staying pretty much right on the beach and have plenty of fun things planned.  Have I mentioned I am excited for some time away?

Oliver is doing fantastic.  He is opening up more each day.  He will now whine if we aren’t back there with him sometimes, which is super cute.  He loves for me to lay on the floor and he will crawl on my belly and go to sleep.  He is still a bit timid, but beginning to hold his own.  He adores the dogs, he particularly likes to nibble on their toes-which the dogs do not adore!  Oliver almost has the sit command down.  He just gets into such a frenzy when treats come out it is hard for him to focus.  He is a pig after all!

After day 3 he has religiously used the litter box.  I am absolutely amazed at how consistent he has been at such a young age.  So far he seems like a great therapy pig in the making.


He loves to nudge the laptop when I am working on it.  He has already figured out how to nudge the keyboard keys just right to pop them off.  Luckily they just pop back on!


I know most of you have missed PIggy Cam Live this week, I will have it up in the evenings for the next few days-sorry I wasn’t able to get it up more this week.  I was too busy playing with him myself!

I am going to try some Yoga classes next week.  I have done some in the past and enjoyed them.  I have been having some minor health concerns over the last few years, that modern medicine can’t seem to explain.  I am going to try and focus on better nutrition, de-stress techniques and exercise and see if those issues improve.  Speaking as a nurse and as a patient-you have got to be your own health advocate!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys some time off work and time with your loved ones.

Until next time…


One thought on “A Vacation on the Horizon!

  1. as cute as Oliver is you may want to rethink having him get used to laying on your belly. He will get big and heavy in a hurry and you will stay the same size. Sort of like a BIG Dog…. they think that knocking you down is the right thing to do cuz they always did that. Pigs make great therapy pets the Memory care home that I used to work in had one. He was great and every one loved Pig Friday when he came to visit.

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