Come On Monday Morning!


How has your weekend gone? I am sure it went by too fast.  For me, the weekends cannot go by fast enough.  It was a busy work weekend.  I am particularly exhausted this weekend.  I haven’t been sleeping well during the day so it makes it even harder to stay awake during the night.  I am grateful for this week off!

Hubby and I decided that it is time for George Washington to find another home.  While I don’t necessarily mind his 5:30 am wake up calls, his crowing every hour or so after that until sundown is keeping me awake during the day.  We have one great family interested that has a lovely large free range flock of hens-pretty much the equivalant of rooster heaven!  They are hopefully coming to meet him soon so I am hopeful it goes well.  We will miss his gorgeous self, but this night shift nurse needs some sleep!


This week holds lots of visits with friends and family and a new motorcycle adventure on Wednesday.  Hubby and I are riding to a historical farm and predatory birds conservatory several hours away.  I will take plenty of pictures and will tell you all about it!

Over the last few days Oliver has gotten particularly vocal.  His little pig stubborness has begun to emmerge.  If you open any of the back bedroom doors he runs into the room and refuses to leave.  You have to leave the room so he will follow you out.  He loves to crawl into my lap and if the dogs are making him upset he jumps into my lap and hides his face under my arm.  So funny!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Come On Monday Morning!

  1. I was just wandering how you got your tiny piggy . I would love an indoor one. I think your story is interesting and I really think it is cool that you guys are Harley people so are my guy and myself.

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