Harley Ride to Huntersville


This week hubby and I took a fun trip to the Latta Plantation and Carolina Raptor Center which are located in Huntersville, NC which is near Charlotte.

It was the first of the cool mornings and beginning our journey was a bit chilly.  If you haven’t ever been on a motorcycle, it is always about a 15 degree difference from standing still to moving at 60 mph.  Even when it is 80 degrees outside, I still need a long sleeve shirt to not be cold.  I had on several tank tops, a long sleeved shirt and a big jacket.

We took miles and miles of back roads to get to Huntersville.  Not too far into the trip we got behind a truck filled to the brim with chickens.  There were feathers flying everywhere.  I so wanted to stop the truck and set all the chickens free!

Farther into our ride there, we passed acres and acres of tobacco fields.  We got behind one truck hauling tobacco to another location.

We stopped for gas and I saw something I had never seen before-a tv in a gas pump! Now this is seriously ridiculous we live in a society where there are tvs in the gas pump-heaven forbid anyone go more than 5 minutes without some type of media interaction!

We stopped for lunch as we got into Charlotte.  As I was making a pit stop, I saw this on the bathroom floor, can anyone name this restaurant?


We arrived at the plantation which also housed a large nature preserve, equestrian center, a falconry center and an emergency falcon hospital.  We headed to the falconry center first.

I had never been to such a place and didn’t really have any idea it existed.  All the birds in the center had been injured and unable to be released back into the wild.  They had everything from hawks to owls to colorful birds I had never heard of.


IMG_2465  IMG_2467

One really neat thing was they are able to use the injured birds to help nurse injured baby birds back to health and then release the babies back into the wild.  Even though the adults will never again be free, they are helping little ones back into freedom.

The center was filled with fun facts and personalized stories about how the birds ended up in the conservatory.  They even had six bald eagles there, but we only saw three.  They are such majestic birds.

There was also plenty for kids to do besides see the birds.  They had some Harry Potter themed exhibits since they had a large selection of owls.


Hubby and I tried to size up to the eagles wing spread.  My hubby is 6’4 and he is still short of the eagle’s wing span.

IMG_2470 IMG_2469

We left the falconry and headed to the plantation.  If we would have had more time we would have enjoyed the equestrian center and all the trails, canoes and hiking of the nature preserve.

The plantation was several hundred years old and was originally over 700 acres.  The house was well preserved and we learned some interesting facts on our tour of it.  The plantation had chickens, a donkey, a cow, a horse, sheep and very large hogs.



And we thought our pen was muddy!

After a fun day of falcons, historical facts and miles of riding, it was time to return to the homestead.  We got an early start back since it was such a long drive home.

Check out what hubby found when we stopped for a snack on the way back…


Have you ever had these?

As the riding season begins to draw to a close, hubby and I decided we are going to sell the bike.  Since the Big Farm is a little over 6 months away (oh my goodness!!) we are cutting back expenses to be able to save more money.  I will definitely miss this bike and the trips we have taken, but hopefully when it warms up again we can become Harley owners once again.

Until next time…


12 thoughts on “Harley Ride to Huntersville

  1. I sooo envy you. We have not had a good ride in a while. Husband not able to ride. Having heart probloms. But still have the great memories. And I am there with you to in memories. Have a great time.

  2. Looked everywhere for months for Chicken & Waffle chips, and when I had given up hope, finally found them a small grocery store on Hatteras Island. What a letdown!! Didn’t like them at all.
    Now, if you can find the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips. . . .

    • They sell those in all the grocery stores over my way! I wasn’t brave enough to try the Chicken and Waffles, but hubby liked them. He said the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips are pretty tasty as well!

  3. You were in my neck of the woods! I love Latta Plantation and try to go there often, more in the fall when it is cooler for hiking the many trails. When my son was younger we were members of the raptor center for years and even took an injured juvenile hawk to to the hospital (although the bird didn’t survive) and was able to watch them work on the bird. It’s a wonderful and necessary facility. I’m glad you were able to visit!

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