Life With Oliver


I am pretty sure Oliver has finally settled in.  He is a stubborn, curious, sweet and nibbly little guy.

When I am not around, he spends his time burrowed under all his blankets sleeping away.  When there is someone around, he is the life of the party.

It is next to impossible to get cute pictures of him because this is what they all turn out like


Oliver loves to be on the carpet in the back bedrooms.  I am sure it is because he can walk around more easily than on the hardwood.  He is only allowed to do this under supervision since we are still perfecting the litter box training.  Although Oliver has gotten the idea the litterbox is where he should go potty, he has gotten into a phase where he will wee right by his water dish.  Pigs love to drink water and it is almost like he just lets go while drinking to make room for more.

If I am in his section of the house he will root and nibble and crawl all over me.  Even though this is cute now, I am setting boundaries so when he is larger, this won’t be a painful act.  His hooves are so sharp already, I really need to trim them.

I haven’t attempted to put his harness on yet, but I really need to do that soon.

Oliver is very vocal, like most pigs.  If you are petting him or pick him up and he isn’t in the mood, he will loudly let you know.  Pigs are so different than dogs in this way.  Pigs have a strong opinion on life and don’t hesitate to let you know it!  If I walk into one of the back bedrooms and don’t let him come in with me, he will stand at the other side of the door and pitch a hissy fit.  I have got to get this on video soon!

Despite the lovely array of toys Oliver has, he only has a few he will actually play with.  He likes his hard circular teething rattle the best.  I am not sure if piglets teeth, but he is constantly mouthing everything.  His favorite is to climb up my chest and nibble on my necklace.  This is also something I am working with him on.  No one likes a nibbly pig!


I have tried to give Oliver some fruit and veggies, but Oliver only seems to only like his feed, peanut butter and cheerios.  This pig loves his junk food!

It has been a fun adventure so far with Oliver.  He has gotten  a little bigger in just the few weeks we have had him.  My favorite thing is when he crawls up on my belly, snuggles in and goes to sleep.  While he probably won’t be able to do this forever, right now it is super sweet.

I am loving life with little Oliver.

Until next time…


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