Time of Transition


The transition to fall is on the horizon.  Despite the 80 degree weather we have had this week, I can feel the change coming.  The mums can tell too.


This summer has been a time of learning, loss and harvest.  I have learned some hard lessons about the life of a farmer, particularly the loss of our Ladybug and piglet (HERE) as well as the numerous chickens we have had to cull.  Our flock of nearly 30 is now down to 19.  I also learned I was definitely not meant to be a mealworm farmer (HERE).

One of my favorite things about this summer was the lovely vegetables my garden produced.  I enjoyed plenty of cucumbers, a few pumpkins, crisp okra, a very few tomatoes, peppers, lots of squash and zucchini, raspberries, broccoli, green beans, strawberries, lettuce and potatoes.  We had plenty of crop fails this year, but plenty of successes as well.

This season has driven home the fact we are not able to control the weather and if it wants to rain every day for weeks, it will.  Times like these make me grateful that our garden is not the only source of food for my family, but also gives me a new respect for those who survived a time when it was.

The remaining chickens are alive and well, giving us plenty of fresh eggs and entertainment.  George Washington has ended up staying with us, a new home for him just wasn’t meant to be.  I have gotten a bit more used to the loud, perpetual rooster cries.


Houidini has seemed to grow so much this season, he is healthy and sweet.  Doyle and him have made great friends and keep each other company during the day and spend the nights cuddled up in the hay together.

The gardens are finished with the summer season and I am preparing them for the fall plantings.  Looking at the freshly vacant East Bed Garden, it gives me a sense of a fresh start and new beginning.  I plan to begin my fall garden in the first few weeks of September.


I have made it a point to spend extra time with family and friends this season.  These are joys and memories that are so important to soak up while you can.

Not only is the season transitioning, but I can feel an air of this in my life as well.  I can’t pinpoint why this awareness is present, but I feel change on the horizon.

I know I am entering into the last fall season spent at this homestead as well.  If all goes according to plan, in the spring we will be living on the big farm or close to it.  This thought holds such excitement and possibility!

My job will be transitioning in the near future as well.  Due to a pay decrease and budget cuts, I am leaving my baylor position at the hospital and have sought out positions at other facilities.  While I plan on remaining at my current hospital in a supplemental position, I have had several other job offers I am considering.

As one last hurrah of summer, I am traveling with my whole family to the beach for a much needed vacation.  I will be back in full homesteading, blogging swing the first week in September.

Piggy Cam will be up this evening and will be on most of the weekend for you to enjoy.  Oliver is even sporting a new accessory for you


I hope you all have a wonderful last week of August and I will see you in a week or so and begin our fall adventures here on the homestead.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Time of Transition

  1. I know where there is 160 plus acres in the northeast corner of Moore County that would be perfect for your evolution as a homestead. Deep River borders the property, and there are various existing resources to be utilized when necessary. The land is in High Falls, N.C. and is being sold by Keller Williams Realty out of Southern Pines, N.C. I grew up in this area, and it has a certain vibe that might be right up your alley…

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