Back from the Beach, Welcome Fall!


After a brief vacation away from the homestead, I am home and things are back in full swing.  The beach trip was a fun conclusion to the summer and I am now welcoming the season of change.

I am working every night this week, including the weekend, so my days are going to be spent catching up on homestead chores and putting the fall garden in-and some sleep if I can manage it!  I purchased extra dirt and mushroom compost this morning in preparation for my Fall Garden Day tomorrow.  Are you planning a fall garden? What are you putting in it?


In preparation for my Fall Garden Day tomorrow, here are some interesting facts about fall…

  • One of the most obvious signs fall has arrived is the changing of the leaves, this happens because photosynthesis stops so the leaves no longer maintain their green color.  If you are in NC, the mountains are stunning when the leaves are changing.
  • Before the terms “fall” and “autumn” were coined in the 16th century, this season was referred to as “harvest.”
  • Many cultures have ancient traditions that occur around the transition into fall; in Greek mythology this time is when Persephone rejoined Hades in the underworld.  The Chinese have a Moon Festival that focuses on being thankful for the summer harvest.
  • The pumpkin gets its name from the Greek who named it “pepon” which means “large melon.”
  • Animals begin to prepare for the cold months ahead, the Arctic Tern bird travels 11,000 miles each way for its yearly migration.  The Bar-Headed Goose can fly 28,000 feet over the Himalayas during their migration.
  • And of course I must have a fall egg fact: There are only two days each year an egg can stand on its end by itself-the spring and fall equinox.  I am definitely trying this when the fall equinox arrives!


I hope everyone is settling back into routines as the summer draws to a close and the kids are back in school.  I will see you all tomorrow after my Fall Garden Day extravaganza!

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Back from the Beach, Welcome Fall!

  1. sowed root turnips last Sat., also rutabagas. will sow a mixture of mustard greens this Sat. also leaf lettuce. we use the almanac for the best days for planting. we also will have collards which I keep having to replant.we’re still getting okra and peppers for a while longer

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