Out of Control Mums & Snuggles with Oliver


The fall changes are evident around the homestead.  With the long work week now behind me, I have a full week off and get to spend it visiting with friends and family.  While I probably should do some homestead chores this week, I don’t think I have the energy to do more than the required daily chores!

With the cooler weather coming, my thoughts turn to winterizing the homestead.  With more chickens this year, they will help keep each other warm.  I do need to close in the Pig Pen Coop so the cold breeze isn’t blowing throughout the coop when it gets really chilly.  I am also going to attach the Crib Coop to the chunnel so if predators get bad in the winter, all the girls can all stay contained without having to stay locked in their coop.  I am still super happy with my chunnel, it has worked wonderfully.  Don’t know what a chunnel is? Catch up HERE.

The landscaping changes dramatically around here in the cooler months.  I don’t have as much color in the landscape of course, so it can feel a little dreary.  I do have some crazy mums that are taking over the flower beds.  I probably should have pruned them at some point in the last year!



Does anyone know what these are? I have never seen them before but there are several around the front flower beds, if they are a weed they sure are pretty!


Houidini and Doyle are doing great.  They are enjoying the extra treats while they are getting fattened up for the winter.  I am so glad we got Doyle for Houidini, I can’t imagine him having to go through a winter alone.  Now at least they can cuddle to stay warm.


Speaking of pigs, I have a ridiculously silly piglet sound asleep in my lap right now.  He is doing wonderful.  He has brought such sunshine into the homestead, we love having him here.  So far he can “sit”, “up” and “come.”  I really need to work on leash training with him, maybe that will happen this week!  He is forever curious and forever on the hunt for food.  Here he is getting into the empty dog food bag outside.


His meal time rituals are hilarious.  Every time he gets fed he acts like it has been days since his last meal, he will scramble on the wood floor-FYI pig hooves and wood floors are a comical combination-then dive his whole face into the food and alternate between scarfing down his food and gulping his water between bites.

Pigs love to be snuggled in when they sleep so he buries his face in the covers and wraps himself up with blankets so he is totally hidden.  He is such a cutie!

Next month I will have an article in Carolina Country Magazine, if you don’t get that magazine-check out my past articles and their website HERE.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Out of Control Mums & Snuggles with Oliver

  1. aaww I’m so glad to hear that Oliver is settling right in. We piggies do love the snuggles. To this day, I still snuggle with mommy at night while we watch television together. It’s one of the highlights of my day. And the food thing – well snorts – that will go on forever like that. We love our food! XOXO – Bacon

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