Hot September Day!


It is a hot, hot September day.  While I had plans to get some work done around the homestead, the heat has driven me indoors.  I have spent a few lovely hours lounging on the couch watching Netflix, shhh don’t tell!  I have managed to do some cleaning and laundry so I don’t feel too guilty!

As I was doing my homestead chores this morning, look what I found already popping up in the garden; squash seedling!


There seem to be some other green heads making their way into the world in the other squares, but at this point it is hard to tell what are weeds and what are crops.

Oliver and the dogs have enjoyed lounging on the deck sunning themselves this week.


Since I have been off for several days, it has been nice to spend some time with the dogs and Oliver.  Oliver and I have enjoyed a nap, or two, together.


Oliver hasn’t gotten into too much trouble yet, but as I was getting the computer out today, he bit one of the USB cords, which in turn blitzed the USB drive and cord.  He has a thing for biting any cord he can find, if I ever unexpectedly smell bacon, I will know why!

I also had a very proud piggy mama moment today.  We were sitting on the couch watching TV and Oliver got down, walked all the way to his room and used his litter box to pee!

Houidini was  in a grumpy mood this morning, as I was watering the chickens he charged me several times.  I really need to get him neutered, it is long over do and he would be much happier and healthier if I did that for him.  It is definitely on my to do list before winter arrives.

I have gradually started to move the Crib Coop back toward the end of the chunnel.  For the winter season, I am planning on joining the coops via the chunnel.  With gradual movement, the Crib girls can still find their coop at night to roost.  They have a hard time finding it even if it is a few feet away from where it was originally.  They will just gather on the ground where it used to be looking utterly confused.  Smart ones, those girls!

I was planning on winterizing the homestead tomorrow, but with weather in the upper 80’s, it is just too hot.

With the changes at my workplace, I will no longer be on a strictly baylor schedule, so this is one of the last times I will have the whole week off.  It has been such a nice experience having a five days  off in between work days and I will definitely miss it.  I have gotten several other offers from different facilities, but nothing has felt right so far.

I hope all is well at your homestead!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Hot September Day!

  1. Since pigs hate snakes maybe Oliver is thinking cords kind of look like a snake? Or he thinks it’s some kind of root to eat?
    I’m with you about being inside. I’ve been working on a new chicken run all summer now. It’s hard to stay outside when the temperature and humidity numbers match.
    Can’t wait to get our onions and garlic planted for the winter. It’s like a celebration that all garden work is mostly done till spring. LOL

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