Fall is Easing In


It has been a beautiful fall weekend here on the homestead.  Although I haven’t gotten to fully enjoy it since I am working nights and sleeping some of the day, it has been lovely to not have the sweltering heat hanging around.

This week I have winterizing on my to do list.  I am planning to use plastic wrap, greenhouse type wrap, to wrap the crib coop to provide insulation and a barrier from the wind.  My little by little process of joining the crib coop with the chunnel is almost complete. In a few days, they should be close enough to join.  Almost closed the gap!


My ultimate hope is that the Crib Coop girls could bunk in the Original Girl’s Hen house for extra warmth this winter, but with as mean as Lucy is, I don’t think she would allow that.  She is such a crotchety old hen.

I also need to board up the Pig Pen Coop to provide a more closed off space to keep all of that hen heat in when it’s frigid outside.

I have quite a few little green faces popping out of the soil in my raised bed gardens.  With less to manage in this growing season, I will be able to utilize the vegetables grown a little better than I could during the summer.



George Washington has really filled out well over the last few months, isn’t he gorgeous?


He isn’t exactly the toughest rooster on the block, but he sure is a reliable time keeper.  Every morning without fail he crows at 4:30 am, 5:30 am and most every night at 10:00 pm.  I would love to do some research and learn some of the ways rooster sense when to crow.  Does anybody know?

I apologize Piggy Cam has been offline for the last few weeks.  It will be returning more consistently as the weather grows colder, so stay tuned!

Although I am not a huge fan of winter, fall is a wonderful season.  It is a nice break from the sweltering North Carolina humidity and a time to enjoy the last few months outside.  I have several fall traditions that are a staple in my life.  Every year without fail I go to the State Fair and eat more fried food than any one human should!  My family also goes to a local pumpkin patch and enjoys all the festivities and picks out several pumpkins to take home and carve.  I love watching my nieces and nephews enjoy this tradition year after year.  What fall traditions do you and your family have?

I also have some very exciting news-my parents are putting their house on the market next month.  This is the first step toward the big farm plan.  The big farm is quickly becoming our new reality!  We have looked at multiple properties over the last 6 months and have found one that all of us seem to like.  Whatever choice we make, I know the big farm will be awesome!

Enjoy the fall weather!

Until next time…


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