How do you like ’em?


For those of you who got chicks in the spring, it is getting close to the very exciting time of those chicks, who are now big beautiful pullets, to begin laying delicious eggs.  Most people do not realize that it takes close to 6 months for a chicken to become mature enough to begin laying eggs.  Around this 6 month mark you will notice your ladies’ waddles begin to come in, squatting behavior and an increase in chicken butt fluff.  All of these are good indicators your girls are well on their way to crossing the bridge into hen-hood.

Eggs serve many purposes besides just food (don’t miss tomorrow’s post), but today I am focusing on the traditional ways people eat eggs for breakfast.  How do you like ’em?


This is perhaps one of the most classic ways of eating eggs.  Most people use a special ingredient to make their scrambled eggs even creamier and lighter.  Sour cream, cream cheese and milk are all wonderful additions to scrambled eggs.  Add one of these creamy ingredients to your eggs before cooking, stir well, cook and enjoy the creamy texture.


Sunny Side Up

This is my personal favorite way to eat my eggs in the morning.  Nothing better than coming home from night shift and enjoying this fast, delicious egg breakfast.  Simply crack into your frying pan, add salt and pepper, cook for a few minutes until no longer runny and you are ready to enjoy.



Poached eggs are cooked in simmering water and retain a “pouch” like shape.  Add 1.5 inches of water to a frying pan and simmer (190 degrees), make sure no bubbles are on the bottom.  Add one tbsp white wine vinegar to water, slowly add eggs and cook untouched for 4 minutes 30 seconds.  Use a slotted spoon to remove and enjoy on toast!  There is a great video on how to poach eggs HERE.


Hard Boiled

This method of enjoying eggs takes some time to prepare, but they make a versatile, nutritious breakfast (and afternoon snack!).  There are many different tips and tricks to hard boiling eggs, none of which I could ever do successfully.  I had such a hard time getting hard boiled eggs just perfect until I read about the oven method.  Simply place eggs in a muffin pan at 325 and cook for around 30 minutes.  Place eggs in cold water for several minutes to stop the cooking process and the end result is perfect hard boiled eggs.  An important tip with hard boiled eggs: do not use fresh eggs, make sure they are a week or two old.  Fresh eggs will not peel well after being hard boiled.


Soft Boiled

This is a similar concept to hard boiled, but soft boiled has a semi-liquidy yolk, which is perfect for dipping toast into.  Here is a great video on how to soft boil an egg HERE.

Boiled Egg

Eggs are such a versatile, nutritious, tasty food!  They are staples in a multitude of recipes, offer essential protein for our bodies and are so flexible even the pickiest of eaters can find a way to enjoy them.  Have you enjoyed an egg today? Be sure to thank a chicken!


What are your favorite ways to eat eggs?

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post on some very unique uses of eggs!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “How do you like ’em?

  1. Enjoyed this post and the great video! My personal favorite – get eggs from Little Bit Farm – 🙂 – fry sunny side up in some organic coconut oil – seasalt and pepper. Delicious!!

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