Eggs aren’t just for eatin’

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Yesterday’s post focused on some of the traditional, delicious uses of eggs (missed it? catch up HERE).  While thinking of eggs usually conjures up recipes and meals galore, eggs can also be used for a wide variety of things.  Take a look at some of the non traditional uses for eggs…


  1. Use  eggs and shells in your compost
  2. Use as paper mache for crafts-mix with water, flour and sugar
  3. Make your own spa hair treatment-mix egg yolk with water and olive oil
  4. Use the egg whites as leather cleaner
  5. Crush up a few egg shells and place in your coffee grounds prior to brewing-improves the taste of the coffee
  6. Use as decorating paint on cookies and cakes-mix 1 egg yolk with 2 mL of water, add food coloring and decorate your baked goods
  7. Use as glue substitute-the egg whites are quite sticky as they dry
  8. Use as spa facial-helps improve the look of fine lines and puffy eyes.  Can use either yolk or egg whites
  9. Make your own musical instrument-poke small hole (big enough for rice to barely fit through) drain insides, rinse, let dry thoroughly.  Add rice, shake your way to a musical masterpiece!
  10. Place around plants as a protectant from unwanted critters, particularly slugs
  11. Use crushed shells to scrub pots and pans in place of steel wool (just make sure your pots and pans won’t be damaged by abrasive cleaning material)
  12. Good old fashioned game of egg toss (or toss them at your spouse in a comical way to end a fight…or start one)
  13. Poke small hole in bottom of egg, crack shells in two parts (like 1/3 to 2/3 ratio), rinse insides, add soil and use as seed starter container
  14. Use shell as candle mold-poke small hole in top, drain contents, rinse, allow to dry thoroughly.  Carefully pour hot, melted wax in hole, add wick allow to cool and harden.  Crack egg shell and voila-egg shaped candle!
  15. Use in first aid-if you have a particularly deep laceration, apply wet egg whites over laceration, helps create membrane over open area.  Can also use the white membrane in between shell and hard boiled egg.
  16. Poke small hole in bottom of egg, drain, rinse and decorate for some unique trinkets around the house
  17. Make jewelry-check out my egg shell bracelet, pendent made of clay and egg shells
  18. Go egging…on your own property of course.  This redhead will not be coming to bail you out of jail!

Until next time…



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