A Walk with Oliver


Oliver got into quite a bit of trouble last night.  We were all set to have Piggy Cam Live up and running and it actually made it for an hour or so, then little Oli decided that was enough.  He knocked over the laptop and webcam and broke the laptop.  I am going to call a repair tech and hopefully it is not totally dead.  Bad boy! Piggy Cam will be down until further notice, unfortunately!

Life with Oliver has definitely been interesting.  Pigs are very vocal creatures and he is no exception.  If he wants something or doesn’t like something you are doing, he will be sure to let you know! He has been mostly spot on with litter box training, I really can’t complain In that department.

He still loves to snuggle and can’t stand to not be covered up.  He will burrow his head under your arm or leg, if you are without a blanket.  He is currently in my lap, under a pillow, with the iPad on top.

I haven’t taught him any more tricks yet, but he did have his first successful walk outside with his harness and leash.


He wasn’t a big fan of the harness at first, but he adjusted quickly.  It took some coaxing-thank goodness for Cheerios- to get him down the steps, but after that obstacle he was ready to go!


He followed my lead extremely well.  The few times he got distracted it took me saying his name once to regain his attention.  I was impressed!  He has never met the girls before, he was very interested!




The hens wanted nothing to do with him!

It was a very successful first walk and I am sure he enjoyed the fresh air.

Onto our next challenge- his first bath.  Better get the earplugs ready!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “A Walk with Oliver

  1. aaww – he’s so adorable. Just a tip on the bath that my mommy does for me. Put a few carrots in the tub. I’m so busy dunking and eating carrots that I don’t care I’m water and what she is doing to me. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  2. Hi thanks for your stories. I don’t know if you saw a question I posed earlier on another thread, but I was just wondering how big you expect Oliver to grow. Thanks.

    • Hello there! The breeder stated he would grow to be around 20 pounds, but I’m skeptical. Pigs are very diet dependent and grow until they are 3-5 years old, so we will see. Thank you for visiting the homestead!

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