Fall Checklist, Done!


The end of this week signifies the official beginning of Fall (Sunday).  For once, I am officially ready!

I completed all of my “to-do’s” for the homestead and the household.  My garden is in and doing well.


Unfortunately there are tall pine trees above the raised beds so I get plenty of pine needles in the beds.  Since they are so acidic, I don’t leave them in there to decompose.

The coops are wrapped and ready for cold winter nights.



Only one hen figured out how to get under the plastic the first night, so I have made the opening a bit bigger.  This means that until the Pig Pen girls figure it out, I’m having to pick them up and walk them to the roost one by one each night!

I packed away all my summer clothes and flip-flops and brought my fall/winter stuff down.  My closet is now full of long sleeved shirts, boots and sweaters- goodbye sun dresses!

The change of seasons always make me a bit nostalgic.  I always wonder what joys and challenges the new season will bring.  Whatever they may be I am ready!

What hopes do the new season bring for your family and homestead?

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Fall Checklist, Done!

  1. Be a bit careful with the plastic, one of the things that wrapping a chicken coop in plastic can do is up the humidity. Chickens can handle cold better than they can damp, it’s dampness that can create frostbite on combs and feet, not so much cold. Cold and dry is better than warmer and damp. Excess dampness will also result in conditions that mimic chronic respiratory disease in chickens. If you see condensation on the walls, you need to remove the plastic and let things air out. (Been raising chickens for about 12 years now.) 🙂

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