Oliver’s First Bath


All has been well on the homestead.  The homestead is winding down a bit with the cooler weather.

The girls seem to have gotten used to the plastic on their coops, so no more walking hens in at night, one by one.

Oliver has been nothing short of a handful this week.  He has been destructive and loud!  He chewed a portion of the wall, so there is a chunk of paint missing now.  He has figured out how to get into the downstairs rooms even when the doors are closed.  He will then go in and accidentally lock himself in there, at which point he will scream to get be let out.

His new favorite trick is to throw himself into my bedroom door when I have just fallen asleep.  He knowns if he does it hard enough, the door will open and he can snuggle in bed with me.  What a silly, bad piggy!

Since food and snuggles are his main passions in life,  I am going to get some more treat dispensing toys to keep him busy.  Pigs are super smart so when they get bored they get into trouble.

We did conquer his first bath this week, take a look!

Oliver’s First Bath

He was a bit traumatized, but after a feast of Cheerios and some snuggling, he recovered.  He is super fluffy now!


Even though Oliver has been a bit mischievous this week, he is still sweet and loveable as ever.  He is such a wild adventure.

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Oliver’s First Bath

  1. wow, that was traumatic! clearly you have the calm of a medical professional AND a micro pot bellied pig will do anything for cheerios! i love that even though the water is rising, he just keeps looking for cheerios!

    but it sounded like the omen, this time its a pig!

  2. Too funny … poor Oliver! (Maybe he would like a non-skid mat?) And what does one use to wash a pig — Piggy Pert? Piggy Prell? LOL!

  3. really cute, but as with bathing all “babies” I wish you would use something plastic in the bathroom, not the glass mason jar. Just to be safe for all.

  4. “He knows if he [throws himself] hard enough, the door will open and he can snuggle in bed with me”

    So you’re training him to throw himself hard at the door when you go to sleep! Unless you like that behavior, you’d better start ignoring him when he does that…it’s time for some tough love.

  5. So cute!!! I actually give my pigs the same brand cheerios!! I have two mini pigs, Jet and Dipsy, that are now a year old and I absolutely adore them!! They are so loving and spoiled rotten. People don’t realize how special these animals are until you have owned one!

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