A Homestead Redhead & Her Truck


Today is National Name Your Car Day.  To celebrate this little known holiday, I wanted to introduce you to Jackson, he’s my little four wheel drive truck.


Jackson is my first and only vehicle.  How is that for commitment?  I got Jackson from my parents when I was a newly licensed driver in high school.  I remember watching it pull into the driveway a few minutes before I had to go to school.  That was a miserably long day!

Jackson stood for freedom, independence and driving down country roads with the windows down and the music blaring.  He began my slow journey into adulthood and responsibility.

Nearly a decade and 250,000 miles have gone by.  He has carried me through laughter, tears, trips and heartache.  We have been through quite a bit together; wrecks, bumps and bruises, getting stuck in slippery places.  However, we have always managed to pull through.  Though we both have a bit more wear and tear a decade later, those scratches and dings tell quite the story.

Does your vehicle have a name and a story?

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “A Homestead Redhead & Her Truck

  1. My lovely lady is Pearl. She is a Dodge Durango, white and I love her. She is tough, gets me where I want and need to go, but with class and style. She is a beauty…just like Pearls! Little known fact, she was also named after a distant relative of mine…Minnie Pearl! Yep…it is true!

  2. I have owned a 1966 Austin-Healey sports car since 1984. Shortly after buying it, I got a list of all (6) former owners from the NC DMV. The car sold new in Raleigh, and had spent its entire life in eastern North Carolina. My wife and I decided that a good name for it would be TARHEELY. I get a lot of comment about that name, which is on the replica 1966 NC license plate. It actually won a national license plate contest in 1990!
    I have enjoyed reading your articles in Carolina Country, and now am enjoying your blog.

    • I love the name Tarheely : ) I am a very enthusiastic tarheel fan you know. That’s awesome you won the contest with that name. Thank you so much-I am glad to have you as part of the homestead!

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