Off to a Hot Start


The weather that had once been on the trend to cooler temperatures has decided to give us a bit more summer.  This week we have had temperatures in the upper 80s.  Although the unexpected bout of hot weather has been nice, the crops sure aren’t agreeing.

Don’t mind the weeds!


I am getting to enjoy another blooming cycle of our rose bushes, I just love the color flowers bring to the homestead!


The garden has been a bit neglected the last two weeks.  The cauliflower hasn’t seemed to sprout, but most everything else has.  The squash is doing great, it’s one of my favorite things to grow since it is so easy!


The chickens are thriving, getting nice and fat for the cooler months.  My Black Copper Marans have seemed to become plump, mature hens in a matter of a few days.  They are such beautiful girls.  They also layed for the first time this week, can’t wait to taste that little chocolate egg!


I finally contacted a vet about Houidini.  I am hoping she can come out in the next few weeks and neuter him.  I know the Pig Pen will be a much more peaceful place without his excess of testosterone!


My parents have officially listed their home on the market.  This is a very exciting big step towards the big farm.  In the coming months, we will be listing our homestead as well.  It is a very exciting time in my family and I know there will be plenty of bumps in the road, but that’s half the fun!

This week I reached the milestone of surpassing 400 likes on my Facebook page.  This is such a blessing to have you folks along this journey with me, thank you for all your support!  Stay tuned, there are some amazing adventures ahead!

Next month I will have an article in the Carolina Country magazine, don’t miss it!

Until next time…


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