Oliver Wins at Hide & Seek


Oliver has been such a fun companion now that he has settled in completely.  He is pretty spot on with potty training and has learned some fun tricks.  He is even sporting a fabulous Halloween accessory which you will see soon!

Unless he is sound asleep, he is typically at my feet or in my lap.  He wanders the house with me as I clean and put stuff away.

The other night, I was busy deep cleaning the house and I noticed Oliver wasn’t with me.  I looked around for a bit and couldn’t find him.  Some time passed and I finished what I was working on and he still hadn’t shown up.  This was late at night and all the doors were locked so I knew he couldn’t have gone outside.

I began going through the house, room to room, calling and searching.  I kept looking, and looking and looking.  No Oliver.

I patted down his bed, my bed and looked under the couch cushions.  Yes, he really does hide under the couch cushions and it is impossible to see him! I began to get a bit frantic and was calling his name loudly.  No Oliver.

I again combed the house and the dogs began to look at me curiously as they heard growing concern in my voice.

I decided to make one more sweep of the house, and on a second look, I moved aside my bed’s comforter and found this…


That crazy pig had not moved a muscle when I was patting down the bed or calling his name!

Oh the adventures of life with Oliver!

Until next time…


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