Season of Change has Arrived


I am always amazed at the journey of life.  If someone would have told me a year or two ago about my life now I probably wouldn’t have believed them.  Although this unknown the future holds can be a scary thing, I tend to look at it as an amazing part of this adventure.

For those of you that have been visiting the homestead for awhile, you know about the Big Farm Plan.  I am super excited to announce that the first step, my parents selling their home, has been completed!  It happened much quicker than anticipated, but what a blessing!  If all continues as planned, this month will be spent packing away years of life and memories in their house.

The next step will be to purchase the property that will become our future farm.  We have one piece of property picked out, but are still open to other options.  Once the purchase of the land is complete, we will be placing the homestead up for sale and moving into a rental house while my farm house is built.

My family is truly entering a season of change.  Although most of the changes are wonderful and positive, some of the changes coming in this season will be challenging.  On a personal note, I am going through an extremely tough transition.  I truly believe all things happen for a reason and no situation or experience is wasted.  There are always positive memories that can be treasured and lessons to be learned.

I am so thankful for you all to be on this journey with me, thank you for letting me share this wild adventure with all of you!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Season of Change has Arrived

  1. I hope your transition has some kind of positive to it. I look forward to your posts and hope all goes well with the upcoming sale of your home etc.

  2. Hang in there Red:-) life is the journey not the destination.
    Zen ….water parts and flows around rocks not thru them. Water continues , rocks wear down into sand. Stay in the moment…be mindful and full of gratitude.
    Love your blog… Thanks

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