The Glamourous Life of a Homestead Girl


Life on the homestead is anything but glamorous.  Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure and displeasure of experiencing situations I couldn’t have prepared for.  There are times I just have to laugh at the silliness of life here on the homestead.

You know you are fully immersed in life on the homestead when…

  • You frequently wake up with a lovely wet spot of piggy drool on your shirt…pillow…sheets…
  • You had to throw away your iPhone cover because it got chicken poo smooshed into it.
  • You have faced off with a hungry hawk and won.
  • After a twelve hour night shift, you throw a 50 pound bag of feed over your shoulder and head down to feed everyone breakfast.
  • You heard your chickens sound their alarm and ran out the door, barefoot and not particularly dressed, and chased away a hungry fox.
  • You have woken up, walked outside, gathered freshly layed eggs, still warm from the hen, and cooked a delicious breakfast.
  • You have stayed up all night in the pouring rain to watch over your laboring pig.
  • You have given your girls (hens) a stern lecture for wandering too far away.
  • You have sat ouside, listened to the happy snorts of your piggies, the enthusiastic clucks of your hens, taken a deep breath of fresh, sunshine filled air and realized how incredibly blessed you are.

Life on the homestead consistently brings wild, unexpected adventures, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “The Glamourous Life of a Homestead Girl

  1. Yes all that. And at the end of our day we go to bed feeling like life has continuity and meaning. We realize how connected everything is and that we make a difference. We have made the conscious decision to be part of it. Ain’t life grand? I am willing to pay the admittance price. Thank God for bengay and aspirin. Lol.

  2. AH I thought I was the only one who fought off a hawk trying to take a chicken!!! So glad to know I am not alone. I beat him with a tennis racket. I don’t know who was more surprised I made contact him or me!! Love your blog!

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