Houidini Gets a New Lease on Life


It has been long overdue that Mr. Houidini looses his manhood.  I personally think it is a bit cruel to leave a male intact and not provide any females to keep them company.  I know Doyle was wondering when we were going to neuter his brother!

In my area, there are nearly no vets that will come to your homestead and work on swine.  With the whole LadyBug debacle, I was super lucky to find a fantastic mobile pig vet.  She has extensive experience in pot bellied pigs.  She also has super fun piggy tattoos, so I liked her immediately.

This week,  I finally arranged for Houidini to join the world of neutered males.  The awesome tattooed vet brought along a student to assist her.

I have always loved animals and seriously considered going to vet school at one time.  Although that isn’t an option in this life, I just love the lifestyle of on the farm medicine.

The Tattooed Vet brought along all of her equipment, which included a piggy sling and piggy gas mask.  Pigs are notoriously curious so Houidini and Doyle immediately began to investigate all the equipment that was being set up.


With some challenges, we corralled Houidini into the piggy sling and cranked him up to waist level.  This provided a surgical table for the vet to work on.  We hooked him up to the gas mask and within minutes Houidini was dreaming of endless buffet tables-pork free of course!


Pigs have internal testicles, so we couldn’t just band him like we did with the goats.  This is why we chose to have a vet perform the procedure.


The Tattooed Vet made an incision and removed the rather large pair of testicles.  She explained that she once neutered a hog who had a pair the size of basketballs!

As she sutured Houidini up, he slowly started to come out of anesthesia.  His reward was Frosted Flakes!  Poor guy looked like he had drank a few too many piggy brews wobbling around the pen, but within an hour he was back to himself.

The Tattooed Vet explained it takes about a week for his hormone levels to settle down.

I am so glad we finally got this done and know that Houidini will be a much happier, calmer boy now.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Houidini Gets a New Lease on Life

  1. How He,s Doing well today. Im with you. If I could do it over Id be a vet too. I have a Granddaughter thats first year into vet school. She wants to be a mobile ,office vet;

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