Adventures on Horseback


I have always felt an intense connection with animals.  I have fostered a passion and care for their concern since I can remember.  This is particularly strong with horses.  I began riding when I was younger, and instantly fell in love.


From their soul searching eyes to their soft velvety nose nuzzles, what’s not to love?


I recently took a ride at a local barn.  It was a cool day, but not too chilly.  The ride started out quiet and calm, and we actually passed an owl sleeping within arms reach on a branch.  I had never seen an owl so close, it was incredible.  As the trail progressed, we saw countless deer, beautifully colored leaves and other horses grazing lazily in the pasture.

There is such a strong bond forged when you are on the back of such a powerful animal.  Horses can travel at lightening fast speeds in a heartbeat’s notice and travel for miles without rest.  I have said for years how badly I want horses, and the teasers of rides I have gotten over the past few years have intensified this desire.  The absolute first thing I am purchasing when we get to the big farm, after fencing of course, is a beautifully gentle horse.  I get dreamy eyed when I think about what an awesome thing it will be to look out the window of my house, and see a horse or two soaking up the sun in the pasture.


I am getting more excited about the big farm with each passing day!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Adventures on Horseback

  1. Horses are herd animals and don’t like being the only one…so I hope that after your fences are up, you get at least two equines rather than just one. Donkeys or ponies will do…

    Good luck!

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