Life with Oliver…continued

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There is never a dull moment with a little piggy underfoot.  Oliver has become my constant shadow.

He is now 5 months old and growing like a weed!  He has outgrown his litterbox and original harness.  He can do several tricks; sit, up, kiss and come.  Housetraining has really been pretty easy.  He has one spot besides his litterbox that he sometimes pees in, but he has never once pooped outside his litterbox! Oliver is a stubborn, smart, tenacious little guy.

When Oliver wants something, there is almost no deterring him, especially when food is involved.  He loves to try and climb up in the dishwasher to eat leftover scraps when I am loading or unloading it. 

If Oliver wants to cuddle and is refused by me, he will pitch a royal conniption fit until I give in or walk away (I have got to get this on video for ya’ll to see!).  He has got to be touching me in some way with his head buried under something soft or he isn’t content.  Oliver now sleeps with me every night, buried deep in the covers snuggled up against my side.   

Now that he is maturing, I am providing more brain stimulating toys.  He no longer gets dinner or treats without having to work for it in some way.  I bought a few of the “smart dog” toys with hidden compartments and use these to feed him dinner.  I am waiting for his new harness to come in the mail so we can start going on walks again.  This will help burn some of his energy and provide stimulation.  A bored piggy is a trouble-maker piggy!

Life with Oliver continues to be an adventure, although there are moments he drives me crazy, his sweet cuddles and happy spirit make the challenges worthwhile.

Until next time…

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