The Season of Change Continues…


It has been quite a season of change around here these last few months.

This week my parents closed on their house and officially moved to their rental house.  This whole process has been such an emotional time for my family.  That big old house on the hill held a lifetime of love, laughter and sanctuary.  However, with every goodbye there is always a hello.


The next step in the grand farm plan is to sell my current homestead.  We are still working with the realtor to get it officially on the market, I am hoping that the house sells quickly.  My plan after the homestead sells, is to rent a little house near my family while we get the farm established.  I am hoping that we will have purchased our farm land by then so the chickens, Houidini and Doyle can live there while I build my farm house.

The property we have been looking at for the last few months sold this week to someone else, so we are back to searching for the perfect family farm.

There are a lot of pieces of my life in the air right now, so it will be an interesting next few months to see how it all will fall together!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Season of Change Continues…

  1. Morning Red:-) my friend from the middle east told me years ago that when a door closes here isn’t a window opening. But instead every window of all opportunity’s open.

    I have always tried to remember that.….imagine what lies out there waiting for us…..and wonly have to decide which one we want. Life is delicious. Eat up!!!!

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