Quiet before the storm


December has arrived on the homestead and with it brings much preparation for the future.

The homestead will officially be on the market in the coming few weeks.  I am not looking forward to this process at all.  It is not easy keeping the house in picture perfect condition and having to take the dogs and Oliver out anytime a showing occurs.  I know it will be worth it in the end, but it will definitely be a hassle. 

I am having to downsize the homestead since I will be moving to a rental house-once the homestead sells- while my farm house is being built.  It is really challenging to find a rental property that could house 3 pigs, two dogs, and 20 chickens! 

I had to say goodbye to George Washington and his girls.  I found a great home for them at a local chicken enthusiast’s house.  It is actually where I originally got George Washington and one of the hens as chicks.  They came full circle back to their birth place and I know they will be able to live out the rest of their days happily.  It is much quieter on the homestead without the constant commentary of George Washington.


I am hoping my family will have purchased the farm land by the time the homestead sells.  This way I can move my original girls and the outdoor pigs there.  If this doesn’t happen as I want it to, I am hoping I can find a farm that will temporarily house everyone until I can move them to the big farm.  I don’t think I can stand to have to rehome my remaining critters. 

Houidini and Doyle are doing great.  Now that the pig pen flock is gone I am in the process of tearing down their coop and the divider fence, so the pigs will soon have access to the whole pen.  I am sure they will enjoy the extra house to sleep in and space to root.

Oliver is as wild as ever.  He has learned a new trick, “dance.”  He will spin around when I say that command, it is very cute.  He has been quite affectionate lately, he frequently gives me little, wet piggy kisses.  I think he can sense my stress level these days and is doing his best to comfort me.  I woke up the other day and he was tucked in right beside me with his head on my pillow and the sheets up around his neck, it was so funny.  I had no idea he was even in bed with me!

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Quiet before the storm

  1. BEST of luck with your new Adventure! I went through this selling process 3 years ago. It definitely is VERY difficult, but it CAN be done, with much thought and prayers! I will pray for you and the critters to have a good transition!!!!

  2. Just found your blog and am really enjoying catching up on your story. I am so excited to follow you during your transition! My husband and I are planing to make a similar transition to a multi-generational homestead…but our timeline is about 5 years out. I hope that the next year goes smoothly for you.

  3. We had our house for sale 18 yrs ago (before cell phones). We gave the ok for a lock box so any agent could show the house. The agreement was for them to call and let me know ahead of time since we were a bit untidy.
    I came home from work one day to my husbands dirty clothes lying in the middle of the living room floor, underware on the top of the pile. No big deal until I checked the answering machine and an agent had left a message. She was showing the house that day at 3. My husband had left at one. LOL
    They didn’t buy it!

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