Getting There


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  It has been a tornado of change around here.

As most of you know, my family has purchased our dream big farm.  It is thirty acres of peaceful beauty with an amazing pond, and we are all so excited to get started building.  Meetings are underway with architects and the company we hired to build the barn.  Breaking ground for the barn should start in the coming month or so.  I can’t wait to show you, it is going to be awesome!

Several months ago my husband and I decided to separate, which prompted the selling of the homestead quicker than originally planned.  We were very blessed to have an amazing offer within two weeks of putting it on the market.  We are scheduled to close in February, but the new owners want to take posession of the house sooner than that so we have both moved out already.

The chickens will remain on the homestead with the new owners.  I am so sad to say goodbye to these girls, but I know they will be happy roaming the homestead they are familiar with.  I am in the process of finding temporary homes for Houidini and Doyle until the barn is completed in a few months.  This has been no easy task.  I am trusting that a good home will come available to keep my boys fat and happy until I can take them home again.

Oliver (who is a “dog” as far as the city I now reside in is concerned), Peanut and I have moved to an adorable old house in a nearby downtown.  I have never lived smack dab in the middle of a town before.  It is definitely a neat experience to be within walking distance of the library, cafes and boutiques.  For where I am in my life right now, it is a nice change to be surrounded by all the hustle and bustle.  Although this homestead girl misses her peaceful mornings full of chicken clucks and hungry pig grunts, I will have those things again one day.

I hope you will continue to follow along on my journey to the big farm.  Such exciting things are on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Don’t miss my upcoming article in Carolina Country next month, there will be a few pictures of the big farm-don’t miss it!

Oliver says hello : )

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Glad you are working thru your plan Red. Please remember that the other side of change ismore opportunities in your life. Change is chaos, Chaos is stressful but Life will be good again. Been there, done that. And I promise you. It is the truth. Water flows over rock, rocks become sand, water flows on.

  2. Although I am sorry for the separation, I am sure ya’ll will work through it all.
    As for the new DIGS cant wait to see all the happy events of the future. Bless ya and Prayers from TEXAS as you make these changes in your life!

  3. So excited for you that the coveted “big farm” is becoming a reality. I am sorry about your marriage but sometimes one has to move on. Can hardly wait to see pictures and read more about your adventures.

  4. Enjoying reading your blog and seeing all of the excitement that is going on in your life. I am glad that I stumbled upon it. Hope you are well ~ J

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