Homesteading Skills at Work


With the move to my new, old house, there were quite a few repairs that needed doing.  Just a few cosmetic things here and there that I didn’t want to bother my landlord with.  With the incredible support and hard work of my family, I was unpacked, decorated and quite settled in just a few days.  I have been working on odds and ends things and wanted to share one of the many mishaps with you.

The bathroom needed a bit of updating.  The sink had no drain plug so I went to the local hardware shop to find one.  Sounded easy enough.  Being a novice in home repair, I grabbed the first one I saw-not knowing there were different sizes.  I proudly got it home, unpackaged it and plopped it into the sink drain. Well, instead of resting slightly above the hole in the base of the sink as it should, it went completely into it-all but disappeared.

After a few not so nice words, I got to thinking about what in the world I could use to get it out.  Since the too small plug was flush with the walls of the drain I couldn’t use any tools to slip on the side of it and drag it out.  After scouring my toolbox and some more not so nice words, I came up with a plan.

I found a Command strip that was just long enough to reach into the drain.  I used the end of the screwdriver to press it onto the surface of the plug.  After letting is set for a minute, I used needle nose pliers and slowly pulled the Command strip towards the light.  After a few nerve wracking seconds, the plug cleared the pipe.  With a huge sigh of relief, I packaged up the too small drain and put it far away from the sink.

Homesteading has taught me all kinds of lessons, but resourcefulness has been quite a handy one!

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Homesteading Skills at Work

  1. Very resourceful! And I suppose it helps that you work with your brain and your hands in your professional career.

    Just so you know, youtube is a wonderful source of help for each and every home repair task. ok, maybe not that one : ) For example, if it had fallen all the way into the sink, you might have been able to take off the sink trap (the pipe elbow under the sink) to retrieve it:

    The main thing I’ve learned from being a one-time home repair novice is 1) accumulate a set of basic tools—which you’ll definitely need for your homesteading 2) when you use a Phillips head screw driver, push really hard on the screw or you’ll strip the screw and/or the screw driver.

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