Plans Revealed


Welcome back to the homestead everyone!

I have received some great feedback on my Carolina Country article.  It has been so fun to be a part of this traditional magazine.  Didn’t have a chance to read it yet?  Check it out HERE.

The Big Farm is becoming more real everyday.  We officially have a gate and almost a proper driveway.  What do you think?


Today is an extremely exciting day.  We, my parents, sister and I, are meeting with the architect who is going to reveal the design of my parent’s house.  We originally were going to walk the property and establish where everyone’s house and barn would be placed, but due to the mud and the frigid temperatures, this got delayed.

We are all very excited to see what plans he has for my parent’s house.  Once things settle down, and I am able to start saving money again, I will begin designing my house-how exciting!  Although I think I could probably live in the barn with the horses and be just fine.

As the momentum grows with the Big Farm plans, my awareness of just how blessed I am grows as well.  I am so thankful that I am surrounded by family and friends who support my dreams and love unconditionally.

I hope all is well in your lives.  Thank you for visiting the homestead!


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9 thoughts on “Plans Revealed

  1. Good Morning,
    Woke up this morning got my coffee & went in the loft to check my e-mail.
    Feeling a little sick this morning & trying to get motivated. Yours was the first I read & Thanks for bringing me a Smile already this morning! Funny how you can be so excited for someone else…you don’t even know! Your positive thoughts, your optimism & dreams are so inspiring. They make me want to get going on my property.
    I bought my property about 18 yrs ago & I built my own house. Planted fruit trees & Grapes. With times being so hard, I decided to stop renting a building & I built one on my property. Which is so nice to be able to walk 100 yards to my shop. Instead of driving to Boone every day! I personally know how rewarding it is to take a piece of land with nothing & build a homestead! Sometimes it does get a little discouraging…but when you stop & take a look at the big picture. It’s so rewarding to know…you personally did this! Not only for ones self… but it will be here for generations to come.
    I have so much more that I want to do. Expand my orchard, build a rustic log home at the bottom of the mountain next to the creek, buy a sawmill & harvest trees for my future projects. Of coarse now days…I seem to spend a little more time dreaming!
    I look forward to following your projects & watching your Dreams….come to reality!

    I just wanted to get a little personal to let you know that…you will face obstacles!
    But with your attitude & positive outlook…You’ll get’r done! The skies the limit!
    I have a handi-cap (cerebral Palsey) which effected my legs.
    I never felt sorry for myself or let it stop me from doing what or being who I wanted to be!
    (which I’m still trying to figure that out)Lol
    I personally built my own house, shop, orchard & all the landscaping (by myself) without help from others. Maybe it was just a pride thing. Just to prove I could do it? (to myself of coarse) Some things I do wish I did have help with, especially with the rafters & all. My friends would get a little upset, because I helped them build their places, but never let them help me. Sometimes…Pride isn’t such a good thing! So…let people help you!
    There are a lot of good people out there that like to help others because….It makes Us feel good! Isn’t that what God had intended for us to do anyways…Help others?

    I guess my whole point in telling you this, is just to let you know that….
    There’s NOTHING you can’t do….If your determined to do it!
    We’re so much more capable of accomplishing tasks….than we think we are!
    So what If you fail at certain tasks….You’ll definitely learn from them!
    Just don’t be to Prideful…let others help you!
    I can tell from your passion in your writings that…you have A Beautiful Heart & compassion for others! So….Let them share in it as well!
    I’ll be in your corner…Pray’n & Rejoicing in your accomplishments!
    (Sorry…Didn’t mean to write a book here)

    So…Let’s see that Beautiful Smile today cause….Jesus Loves Ya!
    Peace & Prayer to you!

      • Sorry….I didn’t realize this would get posted & I certainly didn’t mean to make this about me.
        It was only meant for encouragement!
        Hope’n & Pray’n the Best for you!

  2. I love your blog and look forward to hearing what is happening with the new farm. And also enjoy the articles you’ve written. Hope you like living in Mebane, as I and my family do. Terry

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