The Excitement Grows


Hello from a soon to be snowy NC!  Although I don’t trust the weathermen around here, due to the fact NC weather tends to do whatever it pleases, they are calling for a few inches of snow here.  Not that this affects any of my work week-nurses don’t get snow days!

The meeting with the architect went very well.  We were all pleased with his plans for my parents’ house and just needed to make some minor adjustments.  We also figured out the placement of everyone’s houses as well as the barn.  I will be on Lot 3, which means I will have a view of the pond, the barn and our neighbor’s beautiful horse pasture.  I couldn’t be more excited.

After that meeting, it finally started to hit me that our dream is becoming a reality.  Seeing everything on a screen and actually drawn out, made it feel so much more real that just talking about it.

I finally closed on my old homestead yesterday, which was a mess.  I am so glad to finally be done with that situation.  Between the closing getting pushed back, and “unexpected” costs at the last minute, I grateful to wash my hands of it.

Now that I officially have a fresh start, I have been combing through pictures of farm houses to see what I want mine to look like.  Since it is just me, I am planning on a smaller house with a “Phase 2” option, in case the future requires me to expand.  This way, I will not have a big old house all to myself, if it ends up just being me.  Here are my top two ideas for the outside.  What do you think?



Looking through pictures has been so exciting, I am now getting super impatient to have everything done and live on the farm.  I am trying to enjoy this journey, but it hard to not want it all right now!

I have figured out a savings plan for the next year or two to help get as much money as possible in savings towards my house.

We also got to tour our neighboring farms this past weekend, it was wonderful to meet our neighbors and we learned quite a bit.  More on that adventure later!

Until next time…


22 thoughts on “The Excitement Grows

  1. Loop both houses are nice. You won’t be alone forever so plan on bigger sooner. I just don’t see you as being alone . ( just take all the time it takes you to heal.😄😅)Buy or build the studies most self efficient house you can afford. I am excited for you and your family of people and critters. Starting over….New Chapter

  2. Snow, yeah. The keep upping the totals here in the Western Piedmont. It’s up to 8-12 inches.
    I kind of like the top home best. Looks more rustic whereas the bottom one looks more craftsman. I guess I like the porch better. All I can add is as money allows build it as energy independent as possible. I know, Energy United is dedicated to lowering everyone’s electric bills.
    Be careful traveling to work. I hear you guys might be a little more sleet and freezing rain than us.

  3. So look forward to your updates! We’re an older retired couple, thankful to be debt free and in a nice home. There’ll be no such huge adventures in our futures, just small one, so we do enjoy seeing what’s going on in the lives of others. Won’t vote on a house for you as we see such an advantage to a one-story home. You go with what you like best and we’ll enjoy watching your progress. BTW if you are scheduled to work the next few days, be safe!

  4. Love the first one! Isn’t it everybody’s dream….to have that old farmhouse with the white picket fence? Love the porch as well! I can just picture on a nice summer evening…sitt’n on the front porch…Swing’n on your porch swing….with a cold beverage. Enjoying the view of the pond & the neighbors horse pasture! Just relaxing after a hard…but enjoyable day in the garden! Does it get any better than that?

  5. I love number 1. I can see you curled up with a lovely window seat in the round window. great place for dreaming with no sharp edges to stop them. You don’t want to rattle around in house too big for one but with room for expansion as your heart expands to include others as you heal. Wishing you love and blessings as your family starts this new and exciting chapter in your lives.

  6. No southern charm with the wrap around porch??? They are both really nice and look like either would be easy to expand if need be. I can see Oliver sunning on the porch of the second one though!!

  7. Good morning Homestead, I like the first one also, it’s seems to have charm. Second one is nice, but seems to be more stately. I myself am a CAD Draftsmen for a General contractor, Daniels & Daniels construction. We are doing the work over there at the Annie Louis Wilkerson Nature Preserve in Raleigh. Bay windows and walls at angles to me, add flow to the living area. I wish you the best, and believe with time, it will be great. When looking for landscape, I recommend Buckhorn Garden Center over there in Mebane, tell them Roland from Daniels & Daniels construction sent ya, they will take care of ya. I think his name is Tom.

  8. I’m glad things are moving along well for you. Life changes such as this can be trying at times to say the least! I have to say both houses are beautiful! I prefer the first one, it has an old feel charm:) Plus I just love the white picket fence! Stay safe over on your side of the state – my son is at NC State so I stay tuned into the weather there as well as my own home town – snow is nice for a day or two:)

  9. Howdy from TEXAS, Red!
    Glad to finally see you are making headway. I believe you will find in your home plans that a FULLY wrap around covered porch will be beneficial, especially during the rains. No need to track mud in when all ya need to do is cart groceries or supplies in.

    • opps forgot to mention – although house #1 is lovely – the spire type dormer costs way more (to build and maintain) than a double or triple wide square dormer – plus you can have all that window light and a space to kick back and relax

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