Neighbor Farm Tours


Despite the wide open land we have at the Big Farm, we are lucky to also have a few neighbors nearby (relatively speaking!).

The neighbors closest to where my house will be, own a lovely house with a beautiful barn and pasture.  They were gracious enough to allow myself, my favorite pair of kiddos, and my parents over to take a tour.


While the kiddos ran wild, we discussed the process of building their barn.  It was such a help to hear their feedback and experiences.  They are planning on getting chickens in the spring-I am super excited to know my neighbors also share a love of chickens.  It was wonderful to get to know our next-door neighbors better.

We also got to tour the farm on the other side of the street.  It is such a unique, peaceful farm.  The kiddos had a blast meeting all of the animals, everything from burrows to miniature ponies to turkeys with their toe nails painted pink!  We also learned quite a bit from their experiences and advice.

We now feel much better prepared to make the decisions ahead.  It was such a fun day sharing experiences, meeting their animals and getting to know our neighbors better.

Until next time…


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