Pig Day Treat Contest


March 1st is National Pig Day!  This is a day where all pet pigs should be given a little extra love and treats for just being their cute piggy selves.  A pig can never be too spoiled right?

In honor of this day, we are having a Pig Day Treat Contest.  The Pig Day Treat contest begins February 24th and ends February 28th.  Winner will be announced on the morning of March 1st.

To enter (on Feb 24th-Feb 28th), simply follow the link on the right side of the Homestead Redhead homepage (HERE).  Enter your name and email address  for a chance to be selected to pick which piggy treat Oliver should get on this glorious swine holiday.  The choices are icecream, a cupcake or jello.

The winner will be randomly selected on Feb 28th, from all submitted entries and their choice will be fed to Oliver and videoed for your viewing pleasure on March 1st.  The winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card, adorable piggy shaped soaps and piggy magnets for your fridge!



 Oliver can’t wait to hear what treat he is getting on this special day.  Good luck!


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