FWL- Alpaca


FWL: Farm Wish List

My sweet mama told me she wanted an alpaca on the Big Farm and after some research I want one too!

I didn’t really know the difference between an alpaca and a llama.  What I did know is that llamas, like their cousins the camels, spit.  I am not a huge fan of being spit at.  Luckily, alpacas don’t typically spit at humans, only each other if they are arguing.

Alpacas are half the size of a typical llama and much more docile.  It may take some time for them to become comfortable with human interaction, but raising an alpaca from youth, helps ensure they are bonded to you.

Alpacas are extremely hardy animals since their natural habitat is the Andes mountains.  I would say the Big Farm would be an alpaca paradise when compared to the rough terrain of the Andes!

Alpacas are well known for their exceptional fiber.  Their fiber is said to be one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, and has five times the natural insulating factor than sheep wool.


What does that mean for us at the Big Farm? Awesome fiber to make things with!  My sweet mama is super talented with knitting needles and can make anything from a fiber baby doll to a baby blanket.

In a few weeks I will be taking a class that shows how to convert alpaca fiber to usable fiber.

Alpacas hum to each other to communicate.  Mama and baby alpacas have a unique hum for just each other.

How cute are they?!


There is some great info about alpacas HERE if you want to know more!

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13 thoughts on “FWL- Alpaca

  1. Be sure to get yourself a Great Pyranees dog, ….many available for rescue, to guard your alpacas. Check out Atlanta Great Pyranees bunch, I also think there is one in Charlotte. I visited an alpaca farm near the NC Zoo and they had a couple of them.

    Dianne Maxwell



  2. Alpaca’s are adorable. There is an Alpaca farm in Monroe, NC called Happy Hills that offers info on how to purchase, farm, spin, etc. I have been working on a scarf with alpaca wool and it is very easy to work with and soft! Another quality of this wool is that it absorbs sweat, so no smelly feet while working your farm! They would be a nice addition to any farm!

  3. We had some IIamas- they were great but were hard to keep in! Mine disliked men and only spit at them-lol! Always wanted some alpaca’s! They are wonderful to keep coyotes away! Love reading your blogs!

  4. Such a beautiful animal. I would def have one. Great Pyranees are excelent dogs also. I allways wanted one of them too. With all those animals around the farm, makes me wish you were my neighbor. I think that animals can make a person whole. A farm is just that. You go girl.

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