In Need of Some Chicken Love


I don’t tend to write very much about my ER nurse life due to the HIPPA laws, but I sure wish I could tell you all some of the crazy stories I have!  ER nurse life is hectic, exhausting and emotionally challenging.

Not one shift goes by where I am not cursed at, yelled at, insulted, physically threatened or a combination of the above.  Not to say that there are not patients who are grateful for the care you are giving, there are.  There are also some shifts where you walk away knowing you played a role in keeping someone on this earth a little longer.

ER staff, everyone from registration to the doctors, work their tails off in a a hostile environment-most managing to smile and maintain a respectful attitude all the while.  It is not easy work.  The folks I work with are some of the best around.

After several years of being in the trenches of the ER, I am acutely aware of how it has changed me and my perspectives on humanity.  Tending to the chickens and my garden at my homestead replenished what ER nursing took away.

Over the last two months, long hours and my lack of a peaceful homestead has started to wear me down.  I began to notice an undertone of unsettledness.

After doing a little personal inventory, I realized how healing the stillness of the homestead had been for me.  Although the Big Farm is well on its way to being a farm, it isn’t there yet.  I knew I needed to find somewhere I could plug back into farm life.

I looked up a local farm and contacted the owner.  I met with him and discussed how much I missed connecting to the earth and caring for its animals.

We talked at length about the simplicity of farm life and it was refreshing to meet with someone whose philosophies on life followed mine so closely.

I got a tour of his farm and helped with feeding chicks, checking rabbits for pregnancy and rubbing down horses.  In just a few short hours, I could tell I was already feeling restored.

I am going to spend one day a week there in exchange for fresh eggs and the garden’s produce.  I will be helping with the garden as well as any other farm duties that need tending to.

I am looking forward feeling balanced once again.

Until next time…


Congrats to Marla for winning the Piggy Treat Day Contest!  Make sure to check out the HR Facebook Page Saturday to see Oliver enjoying her choice of treat for National Pig Day!

16 thoughts on “In Need of Some Chicken Love

  1. I am a Alzheimer’s home care can . retired but now working 2 days a week to keep people in their homes. I agree 100%. Medical care is very draining on your positive energy. Most people have no idea how abusive and dangerous it can be You have found the best solution for your missing home base. !! My mother taught me that Gardens and animals are natural tranquillity. Hang in there Redand remember to always take care of yourself first so you will be able to take care of others. Burnout is ugly.

  2. I couldn’t do it without farm therapy. Animals see you through different eyes, they look inside where as a good portion of the world (especially those seeking medical care) never see the person behind the job. They just see their own need. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to care for animals (no matter which type) and I truly believe they give us so much in return.

  3. I have 5 free range chickens in my yard. I find watching my chickens go about their day and listening to them helps my batteries recharge after a day of special needs children. I love their independence and them talking to me when I come home.

  4. Level One trauma center and “catch all” hospital checking in. I concur. Love having my garden and animals to unwind from the grind. Of course a hug from my 8 month old also does the trick! Love the blog. Keep rocking.

  5. Bless your heart Homestead. Yes, i know how it feels also. The animals, for me, my boys Smokey and Bandit, welcome me home everyday. I like my work also, but it can be a bad week sometimes too. I am just glad, you said what i was thinking also, give me my critters and i am happy, happy, happy. Looks like it could be a long week at home for them, our Twuck broke down.

  6. My hats off to all people in the medical field…with much Love & Respect! Especially too those who perform their job with Love & compassion…not just as a job! Animals do have a special healing of the mind & spirit power over us…if we welcome it! Mostly based on their unconditional Love…their desire for personal interaction! They don’t hold it against us if…we forget to feed & water them on time! (as some people would) They base it one the fact that you’re there & willing to express… Love & interact with them! Spring is also in the air…so a lot of the negative energy we have from cabin fever….is going to be history! Just focus on your dreams & goals…that’s a Smile all in itself! Keep your head up Red….there’s a lot of wonderful things in store for you!
    I’m looking forward to many smiles as we all follow you into this Beautiful future….God has in store for you!
    Peace & Prayer too you!

  7. Thank You for choosing the Medical Profession as your career and the ER as your specialty!!! After working in a local hospital in a support role(security), I learned first hand how under-appreciated your job can be!!! You are irreplaceable!!! God Bless You and all your co-workers for your dedication and sacrifice for us and Good Luck on The Farm!!!

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