Off Grid in the City


With all of the crazy weather these days, this last storm was definitely the worst.  We had a terrible ice storm here in central NC.  The damage was remarkable.  It looked like an ice tornado tore through my little town and took everything in her path.

down trees2

There were power lines and trees down everywhere.  Streets were blocked and houses were damaged.  It was challenging to find ways out of the town because so many roads were blocked.


The trees bowed over with the weight of the ice, limbs snapping and whole trees being uprooted from the burden.  It was so sad to see all of the beautiful old trees broken and destroyed everywhere you looked.

down tress

My dad headed to the Big Farm Saturday and scoped out the damage.  We lost quite a few of the grand old cedars that we love so much.  One of our foot bridges my dad built was damaged and branches were scattered everywhere.  All of this is a poignant reminder that Mother Nature can take away life and beauty, but she also restores it.

The worst part about the storm has the power outages.  So many people, myself included, are out of power and have been out of power for days.  The houses are cold, those that have gas can at least shower, although its in the dark, but being without power and trying to maintain the acitivties of daily living, is frustrating.

At the hospital, we are housing folks who are dependent on oxygen since they do not have power to supply their medical needs at home.

Being without electricity is challenging.  Being without electricity, in the midst of the aftermath of an ice storm and moving, is extremely challenging.

After working a very long week, I got off Saturday morning and met the movers.  We loaded everything in their semi and headed toward the new house.  Neither of my houses have power right now due to the storm.

With awesome support from my family and hilarious movers, the majority of my stuff got moved to the new place in just a few hours.

Although I can’t get unpacked, since it is cold in the house and there is no power to clean the house with, at least most of my stuff is in one place now!

With all of the frustration and damage swirling around the town, Saturday was bursting with warm sunshine and birds singing.  I couldn’t help but see this day as a symbol for the ending of both the physical winter, but also my personal winter as well.

With Spring around the corner and a fresh start in a wonderful house, my heart is hopeful for many blessings ahead.

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Off Grid in the City

  1. I heard about the storm through another friend who lives in NC. I’m sorry for the damage. We’ve had a few ice storms or really bad snowstorms that took down a lot of trees–it’s always sad to see the damage. Hope you’re doing okay. Ellie

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