The Winter That Lingered


Our weather these days has been a touch schizophrenic.  There is a saying in North Carolina, “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.”

From our devestating ice storms, to 70 degree weather, to high speed winds and back to sleet and snow, our weather has been swinging from one end of the spectrum to another.

Leaving the hospital yesterday morning, my car door was frozen shut.  I am so hoping the weather begins to trend to warmer over the next few weeks.  Even though Spring officially starts on Thursday, Mother Nature seems to have plans of her own.

The Big Farm barn has been ordered, and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the materials.  We decided to go with a kit barn, so all of the materials will be delivered and a builder will put it together on the property.  The barn placement is all staked out and is much easier to visualize now.  We are all so excited to see what the barn will look like all put together.

This Friday, we are welcoming a furry little addition to our homestead family.  This little guy was found abandoned at a local vet office and has become the unofficial mascot for the office.  He is a silly rabbit who loves to be cuddled and pouts when he is put back in his cage.


If you have any name suggestions, I would love to hear them!

The coming weeks bring a busy work schedule (you are surprised I know!), but also a few mini vacations.  As the Big Farm blossoms into existence, I plan on enjoying a few getaways, since this will be harder to do once we have a bustling farm to care for.

In a few weeks I will be going with my parents and two of my necies and nephews to the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville.  It is a huge conference for homesteaders and farmers.  They have exhibits, lectures and all sorts of fun events.  I am super excited to absorb everything I can over the trip.  Check it out…

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “The Winter That Lingered

  1. Enjoy the Mother Earth News Fair. I go the event in PA and it is wonderful!!! I may only have a small suburban home and yard complete with many city and HOA restrictions, but it is my homestead – without animals other than the normal wildlife – and it serves me well. The Fair helped me see my yard with new eyes and to dream new dreams to work towards.

  2. I live in the mountains between Lenoir & Boone. (closer to Lenoir…where the weather is a little milder) This crazy weather pattern has tricked some of my fruit trees into blossoming! The lows the next few nights is going to be in the mid to upper 20’s. Not to mention…snow & Ice for Mon.-Tues. A couple years ago…we had the same problem. Even the poplar trees were in full bloom & we had a hard freeze! It killed everything. My bees didn’t bring in any poplar honey at all. That was a bad year for fruit & Honey! That year it was literally…Yellow Gold! Hope we don’t have another year like that! Oh…one more thing…kinda ironic! You have the privilege of build’n a barn. While I have the Honor of take’n down a 90 year old barn…in exchange for the wood! I re-cycle it into furniture, signs & crafts etc. This barn has so many Beautiful boards! It’s like a woodworkers dream…of hitt’n the lottery! Truly Blessed on this one! Funny! As I take it a part… I can’t help but think back to the day it was built! It took so much more manual labor back then…for everything! I’m good friends with the family of this one…so I know a lot of the history behind it as well! I was sitt’n up there on the top of the roof…take’n off the old tin (surround by mountains) on a sunny day, day dream’n about my buddy Chris’s Great Grand Daddy! Sitt’n in the same place…90 yrs. ago! Just a build’n His barn & Dream’n about his future!
    Then…I woke up & got back to work! Lol Guess…I’m just strange like that! Anyways….So glad progress is be’n made at the farm! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂
    Peace & Prayers to Ya!

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