Things are moving along at a nice pace these days.  After several months of working at the hospital pretty much six nights a week, I am cutting back a bit, to normal full time hours.  I have decided to really focus on spending time with family and friends the rest of the year, since next year will likely be very busy with farm happenings.

The barn materials were ordered several weeks ago so my family and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our fabulous barn.  Construction will begin as soon as the materials arrive.

I am going to the beach with one of my closest friends this weekend.  It will be a nice break from reality and fun to kick back and enjoy some girl time.  My sweet mama will be watching the critters to make sure they don’t completely destroy the house!

I also have quite a few fun farm events coming up, stay tuned!

Raffi the Rabbit, has settled in very well over this week.  He is such a funny little guy, he has been a blast to get to know.  He loves lettuce and will hop right into your lap when you call his name and eat from your hand.


Peanut is very interested in Raffi and Oliver could care less. However, Oliver does care about the various rabbit treats that are in Raffi’s hutch.  I came down one morning and not only had Oliver broken into Raffi’s hutch, he had climbed up the ramp, that is barely big enough to fit him, and devoured all edible items.


Raffi now has ribbon strategically tied around the bottom handle to keep greedy little piggies out.

I have officially unpacked and have all the things I need in my new place.  It is nice to finally have some quiet nights with my boys in a clean, safe house.


I hope in your part of the world, winter is fading away and spring is steadily replacing the dreary, cold days.

I have another article coming out in Carolina Country in the next few months, don’t miss it!

Until next time…



8 thoughts on “Steady

  1. You deserve a break…time to have some fun!
    Hope you have….A Great weekend!
    Looking forward to your next article…I’m a fan!
    Peace to Ya! 🙂

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