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Life seems to rush by in our world these days.  It seems that everyone is busy, busy, busy.  Myself included.  Despite all the running around I do, I make an extra effort to soak in the days and events of my life.  I know all too well that life can drastically change from one moment to the next, and before we know it, years have gone by.  I told you all that I was planning on spending this year focusing on friends and family, and that’s exactly what I have done.  I try to soak in every detail of these cherished moments, because I know that when I am older, these memories will be my most precious possession.

Last weekend a girlfriend and I spent the night in Wilmington, NC.  It was a blast to get a change of scenery and just focus on being away and having a good time.  We spent time at an arcade laughing and playing games, and later danced the night away.  Even though it was just a night, I came back feeling lighter and renewed.

Later that week, I drove to Charlotte, NC and spent the night with my dear Aunt Laura.  I am her namesake and we have always had a special bond.  We swapped nursing horror stories, watched a movie, and laughed at crazy stories from her youth.  I tried hard to cement in my mind how she looked laughing and how her eyes twinkled, remembering a much different time.

This past weekend, a friend and I drove to Salisbury, NC for the night.  We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast.  The couple who owned the B & B were originally from England and were as charming as could be.  We walked around downtown Salisbury, taking in the quaint little stores and enjoyed walking around a local garden with color bursting from the dull ground.  Walking back to the B & B after enjoying some local blue grass music, I looked around and memorized the night.  Everything from the clear, star filled sky, to the cool air whispering at my bare arms, to the little bars bursting with life-all the senses of the night, I tucked away to re-live one day.

This coming weekend, my parents and I venture to Asheville, NC.  The Mother Earth News Fair is in town and we are going to spend two days completely immersed in farming lectures, demonstrations and workshops.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I will be attending classes ranging from hog butchery to herbal remedies for pain relief.  If you are local, I definitely recommend you check them out.  Tickets are around $20.  More information can be found HERE.

Peanut, Oliver and Raffi have been a bit lonely with all my traveling, so I am trying to spend a little extra time with them this week.  Oliver has been acting out more than usual, so I believe a nap together is in order.  He enjoys this piggy snuggle time, and it typically cures his naughty pig syndrome.


Raffi has been “redecorating” his hutch lately.  If I place his bowl of food upstairs, he casually pitches it down the stairs and places it in another corner downstairs.  His litter box is also downstairs in the corner, and he slams it around to the other side most days.  He is certainly an unsual rabbit!

Critter Cam will be returning this week, stay tuned on the HR facebook page for more information.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Homestead Traveling

  1. Good morning Homestead. I myself travel to Wilmington sometimes twice a week.It’s all work related, beautiful place, especially downtown. My mother and i of all places spent some quality time too a few weekends ago, of all places, Charlotte. I remember seeing the sign “Welcome to Mebane” We stopped at the busiest Mcdonalds there in the world, off of 85. Like Christmas at Wal-mart. On another note, i have my garden tiilled, and i have several green pepper plants and tomato plants ready to go in. I guess for fertilizer, the old stanby 10-10-10. I will be re-planting them tomorrow and will wait until next weekend to get them in the ground along with the potatoes. Wish me luck, I do feel like a farmer when i am working that tiller, or better yet, it is working me. Have a good weekend.

  2. I am jealous about the Mother Earth News fair. I will definitely plan to go next year. Love the mag and read it cover to cover. Although I can’t do many of the things they write about, I still love reading and dreaming about it. Write a blog about the Fair when you have time.

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