Farm Convention-Better Late then Never!


It has been hard to find time to send you all an update, I am so sorry!  My work schedule has been completely hectic-I know it is so suprising.  I have found it increasingly hard to balance my very full work schedule with my very full personal schedule.  Each day brings new challenges to finding this balance, but working night shift definitely helps.  I can sleep when I am dead right?

The Mother Earth News Fair was awesome.  I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal.  There were probably 10,000 people there and hundreds of vendors.  Every hour there were ten different lectures or demonstrations going on.  There was so much to learn.


I have always loved the city of Asheville.  Not only is it a beautiful mountain city, but the people there are so open minded and appreciate natural, organic living.  They also share the same values I do, and most of the folks up there are tattooed and you know how much I love body decorations!

My parents and I learned about organic gardening, herbal remedies for pain relief, raw milk harvesting and safety and so much more.  It was great to walk around and be completely immersed in all of the farm fun.


My favorite parts of course were the animals.  I got to pet llamas, that was first for me.  They were shy guys, who according to their farmer, you grab them by the neck to capture them. The experience with them showed us how important it will be to get a baby llama (or two) so it can be completely comfortable with us since they have a tendency to be so shy.



We ate at several cutesy organic, local places and drove around downtown for a bit.  Asheville is such a great town filled with farm, culture and life.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of the Mother Earth News Fairs, you absolutely should.

Our barn should be here in two weeks or less, we are so excited.  Our builder is all set to go, he is just waiting on the materials to arrive.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  I had to work, but did get to see my family before which was nice.  Oliver got a few Easter treats…


And then was perfectly content.


I hope you all have had a chance to put in your spring gardens, what are you growing this year?  I am finally getting a chance to put in my garden on Thursday!

Until next time…



13 thoughts on “Farm Convention-Better Late then Never!

    • I have a llama farm, been in the llama business about 15 years raising fiber producing llamas. If you are interested in adding llamas to your homestead I recommend you visit a few llama farms to see what type of llama you would like to raise (there are many types) and get to know the breeders to find someone you are comfortable dealing with. Llamas are easy to raise, but you will probably have a lot of after purchase questions. PLEASE donot let anyone sell you “baby llamas”! Llamas are not an animal that should be bottle fed, especially by someone with little or no llama experience. Would love to have you visit and meet our herd. We expect babies to start arriving around the middle of May.

      • Hello there!

        Thank you so much for the great information. It is super helpful. I would love to come visit and meet your babies when they arrive. Send me your farm information and we will see how far you are from me
        Looking forward to hearing from you! I hope the storms are staying away from your farm.

  1. Hey Homestead, yes, i have gotton my little garden going. 8 hills of tomatoes, prob 15 seeding potatoes and i have a whole mess of green peppers waiting to go out. Little tiller worked like a charm, just hard work. If i can figure how, i will post some pics during season. I hope everything is well your way. Storms hit kinda of close the other day, me and doggies not liking that. I have to go to wilmgton tomorow, i will be hot footin it back home, you can rest assure of that. I used 10-10-10 for fertilizer, but i have black earth as they say, and well, it sure puts it on when growing. Till next time, take care, Roland

    • Hey Roland!

      Your garden sounds great. The weather has been hitting everyone hard around my area, but not us yet so we are greatful. Glad you haven’t had to face the worst of the storms either! I hope your trip to Wilmington went well, safe travels!

      • Hey Homestead, finally got it, my Carolina Country magazine, you are on page 6. I am a member of Tri County Electric. Was wondering where you been. Nice pics. Keep up the good work. My tomato plants took a beating, but if they take in all the water, they will be 10′ tall, just made a home made ditch to drain the area. Not letting my little babies drown. 🙂

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