Cinder Block Garden


I am so pleased with my cinder block garden.  I am really glad that I put one in this year.

A sweet friend of mine offered to be my muscle for the day.  We set off to the hardware store and got our materials.  I had made a sketch of my plan and brought my material list.  I have found that planning ahead cuts down on the cost and frustration of projects.

My planning originally consisted of a 10 x 10 cinder block garden, but after doing the costs of those materials, I cut it down significantly.  I ended up planning for a 4 x 4 garden instead, and I am definitely glad I did.

My material list included:

Cinder Blocks (I originally wanted to 8 inch x 8 inch light weight kind, since they are cheaper, but the store did not have these)

Organic Dirt (this is was the most expensive thing on the list)

-I found a website that has a dirt calculator to help figure out how much dirt your garden will need.  Check it out HERE.


Weed Fabric

After looking at the truck load of dirt and cinder blocks, I was really grateful for my friend’s hauling help!

I had already picked the area the garden was going to go in so it took hardly any time at all to set up the borders.  I placed the weed fabric down in the middle, in a double layer, and began to pour the dirt in.  I did not set up any drainage system in the bottom since it is a well drained area, but you could add a layer of sand or rocks if you are in an area with poor drainage.


After filling the area with dirt, I got to work on planting.  This year I planted broccoli, squash, zucchini, onions, okra and several different types of tomatoes.

One of the features I absolutely love about the cinder blocks is the extra planting area.  I used these extra spaces for broccoli, onions and my helper plants.  I chose Lavender and Marigolds this year to help repel the bad bugs.  I also love the smell of lavender and the joyful colors of marigolds.  I am also going to plant strawberries once I find some and add them in the extra holes.

The holes also leave room to set up a perimeter fence if you need one to keep the critters out.

If you want to make a cinder block garden cuter, you can paint the blocks before using them in your garden.  I would avoid painting the insides to the pain won’t leach into the garden, but painting the outside would really make the finished product stand out.

I really enjoyed this project, it was easy, fun and inexpensive.

What do you think?



Until next time…



12 thoughts on “Cinder Block Garden

  1. Laura,

    Next time you need dirt check with your landfill. Ours in Brunswick county have free compost they have made from plant materials. It is free for a trailer load and thirty dollars for a truck load. I use it in my raised beds and great stuff.

  2. Love this idea! I put a raised bed in this year using trees as my border. (using 10-12″ timbers) I know it won’t last like the cinder blocks….but it should last for awhile! Wished you would have posted this earlier….would have loved to try this instead! However….I do have several cinder blocks in my flower garden with flowers & herbs growing out of them. They look like flowers are just pour’n out of them. Great look! I can definitely picture strawberries flowing out of the cinder blocks! I wonder how the plants will fair in the open sun though? Will the blocks heat up & retain to much heat? My area gets full sun…all day!
    Good Luck with your Garden! Well….It’s “A Beautiful day”! Let’s head out to Church & Worship the man….who makes “All things possible”! Hope you have A Blessed Day! Peace & Prayer to Ya! 🙂

    • Trees also work wonderful! The good thing about the timbers is as they decompose they will add beneficial elements to your soil! From what I have been told, the cement doesn’t retain heat to intensely so we will see. That’s the great thing about gardening, if it fails, I will know what not to do next time! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday worshiping : )

  3. So awesome to find you in the Carolina Country magazine! I love the idea of the blocks…. we are contemplating some raised beds in our orchard and this just might be the most economical route to go…. our local Southern States will deliver good mulch to us for a very reasonable fee and we buy our compost/manure in bags…. that seems to be our best plan so far…. I am so excited about the blocks! Gotta start making plans….. 🙂

    • Hello there! Thank you for visiting the homestead, so glad to have you here.

      It sounds like you have some great plans for your garden. What types of trees do you have in your Orchard? Take care : )

      • We have apple, cherry, and pear trees in our orchard. And we have over a dozen blueberry bushes which we love….

        How is your raised garden doing lately?

        Take care!

      • We have a lot of trouble with critters here at our “farm”…. last year we had a lovely garden – lots of peaches & cream corn – and the raccoons climbed over the fence & destroyed the majority of the corn! They would pull down the stalks of corn, eat a bite or two or three off the corn cob, then toss it down…. 😦
        We already had to put up 8 foot high fence around our apple orchard because of the deer…. they would push over the apple trees and eat to their hearts’ content. We had a neighbor fence it in so now we have no more deer problem but we do have rabbits get through the fence and raccoons crawl over the fence….
        Just life in the country! 🙂 Keep me posted on your garden! Happy Spring!!!!!

      • Those naughty critters! That is so frustrating to spend the time and money on a garden only to have it feasted on my the neighborhood critters! I am glad the fence seems to be doing the trick for you. Have a wonderful Sunday : )

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