Farm Tour 2014


Yesterday I spent the day with my family at the Weaver Street Farm Tour.  The weather was beautiful and we chose 3 out of the 39 farms available to go and see.

We first went to the Chapel Hill Creamery, which is a diary farm that specializes in making various types of cheese.  All of their cheese is unique and so delicious.  We went on a tour of the milk parlor and learned about their process of milking their herd.

Milk Parlor

I enjoyed the fact they stressed how relaxing the milking process should be for their girls.  No wonder their cheese is so tasty, it comes from really happy cows!

The second farm we toured was my favorite.  Woodcrest Farm had a very family feel.  The house was a traditional farm house which I love.

Old Farm House

The barn was set close to the house and the set up of their garden and other pastures was very functional, but looked lovely as well.  They had Border Collie pups which were adorable.


It was so cute to see them clumsily romping around.  The kids really enjoyed them also.

We headed toward the barn where they had several adult and baby goats.  Their hay storage was in there as well and the kiddos quickly got to climbing on the huge bails and sliding down into my Daddy’s arms.  It was so fun to see them squealing with delight and yelling “again, again!”

The rest of us were cuddling the baby goats and I even got a few goat kisses!

photo 1

goat kisses

After playing with the goats for a bit, we headed down to see the cows and the big pond.  I snapped this picture and it is one of my favorites from the day.


With the kids getting tired and us all starting to get hungry for dinner, we headed out to the last farm we chose, Minka Farm.

At this farm, they were doing a goat milking demonstration, so my parents and I all got to milk one of their dairy goats.  My Daddy was a natural, growing up on a dairy farm and all, and my Mama and I got the hang of it in no time.


Walking around the farms this year, brought back memories of us doing this last year.  It is such an interesting part of life, how drastically things can change in just one year.  I could have never anticipated how much life was about to change for me this time last year.  Despite all the radical changes, I feel exponentially blessed that I got to share another farm tour with my sweet parents, my beautiful sister and her wild gang of kiddos, I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Farm Tour 2014

  1. So cool….what a Wonderful way to spend the day! Especially with Family!
    Maybe someday….we’ll be taking tours at Your New Farm!
    Have A Great weekend!
    Peace & Prayer to Ya! 🙂

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