A Little Slice of Heaven


I am a big believer in the old saying, “work hard, play hard.”  This weekend I decided to play hard-and relax hard!

A good friend of mine and I stayed a few nights in Bryson City at a lovely little mountain spa.

It was such a refreshing trip and some much needed girl time.  We chatted on the several hour drive up to Bryson City and took in the gorgeous mountain views.

With no specific itinerary, we stopped along the way to take in the quaint mountain towns.  I decided to fully enjoy myself and bought myself quite a few prizes along the way.

As we pulled into the resort, we were immediately charmed by the rustic buildings and stunning mountain views.


After getting settled, we headed out to Cherokee to check out what advetures we could find.  The town was a bit vacant so after a bit of shopping, we ended up at the casino.

I have never been in a casino before, and it was pretty ovewhelming.  This little homestead girl felt quite out of place with all of the bright, flashing lights and money being thrown around.  After losing $30 in the penny machines, I lost interest and watched my friend kick some penny slots tail.

Heading back to the resort, it felt so nice to be snuggling into a fabulously soft bed, instead of dragging my worn out behind to work like I do every other night.

My friend and I woke up the next morning and went to a yoga class on the mountain.  After spending the morning stretching my body and refocusing my mind, we headed to the spa for our appointments.

The spa treatments were amazing.  I have never felt so relaxed and content in my whole life.  It was incredible to put aside all the constant to do lists in my head, and just be in the moment.

After the heavenly spa treatments, we headed out to Deep Creek for hiking.  The sun was glistening through the trees and warmed our skin as we walked and talked.  The miles rolled by, some easier than others, as we laughed and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.


The waterfalls were my favorite part.  The quiet rush of water was the icing on the cake to a picture perfect afternoon hike.



The weekend was so refreshing and much needed.  Life is too short to work so hard all the time.  What have you done to take care of yourself lately?

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Sounds like you had a delightful time! 🙂 So happy for you! By the way, where did you stay in Cherokee? We’d like to take a drive there sometime via the Blue Ridge Parkway…. Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

    • Hey there! We actually stayed in Bryson City at Lakeview at Fontana. Bryson City was a nice area because it had a super cute downtown and you could get to a few other towns that weren’t too far away. The Blue Ridge Parkway is so beautiful. Have a great week : )

  2. glad to hear you got a little R and R, you deserve it after all the work you’ve put in. We have played charades and trying to entertain our 3 year old son can help distress financial issues, as we laugh and simply play.

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