A Day Full of Mini Cow Love


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I just got back from a wonderful weekend away to Virginia. I have been looking forward to attending Milking School at Misty Morning Farm for several weeks now.  A day full of mini cow demonstrations and information, what’s not to love!

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Misty Morning Farm is a particularly special family farm because they breed smaller Jersey Cows which are more beneficial for a family farm.  For more info about mini cows-click HERE.

The farm is located in Fulks Run, VA.  The closest city I found was Harrisonburg, VA so we stayed there-which was only about 30 minutes away from the farm.  The drive to Misty Morning Farm was peaceful and full of rolling pastures and bright, blue sky.

Pulling onto the farm was a delightful look back into time.  Although they have made some necessary modern changes, the farm still resembles the 1800’s family farm it used to be.  Including the original outhouse!

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The house where the family resides, is a classic farm house, full of vintage charm with rolling pastures that met endless, green tree covered mountains.

The lecture area took place beside the pastures, with a few of their family cows nearby.  The peacefulness of that farm was incredible.  The contentedness of their grazing cows easily washed over you and the sunshine seemed to warm any worries or thoughts that you might have brought with you on the farm.

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The students in the class got to take turns milking the girls for their morning milking.  It felt completely natural to softly speak to the cow and connect with her as the golden milk splashed into your bucket.  I could definitely get used to starting the day off this way.

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Each of their girls was friendly and exceptionally well cared for.  They enjoyed the interaction with people and it was clear that Adam and Faith not only took wonderful care of them, but loved them all completely.

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I completely fell in love and couldn’t get enough cow kisses!

photo 5 (1)

The day was filled with valuable information and stories from their experiences.  Throughout the day, it was evident they did not get into the cow business for profit, but simply to further folk’s knowledge of cow care and the many benefits bringing a cow into your family can bring.

If you are interested in purchasing a family milk cow, Misty Morning Farms is a family farm that holds quality not quantity as their standard.  From what I understood, there is a bit of a wait list for purchasing a calf.  We will definitely be purchasing from them once our barn and pasture is complete.

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It was such a lovely day spent soaking up mini-cow love!  For more information about Misty Morning Farms, check out their website HERE.  If you are local, they also have another milking school coming up in September.

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8 thoughts on “A Day Full of Mini Cow Love

  1. The seminar looked as if it was tons of fun. I’m glad you’ve been getting out doing things like that. Spending time out in nature is so soothing to the soul. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.

  2. Looks like a real good time, Love the cow, i would of fed him/her all she/he can stand. Keep up the good work, i JUST LOVE MY ANIMULES. 🙂 i am sure they appreciated you alls being there also.

  3. I received an announcement in the mail concerning a Small Farms Field Day at the University Farm for NC A&T State University on 6/19. I’m not sure if they will cover a topic of interest to you, but the topics look interesting! Contact info is 336-285-4661 or ajgaines@ncat.edu (The name listed is Alexis Gaines). Topics include: Dairy production basics including AI, Goat genetics, Organic vegetable production & cucumber grafting in high tunnels, Alley cropping of organic pecans & bell peppers, Test tube plants and Integrated pest management for vegetable crops…whew!

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