Safe Haven


This week I walked the grounds of the farm alone for the first time.

photo 2 (1)

As I walked in the freshly cut, green grass, the sights and sounds of the farm overtook me.

It was early evening, the sun was low and the breeze was cool.  The frogs singing their goodnight song rang out from the edges of the pond.  The baby ducks that have taken up residence on our farm, splashed in the cool water.  The clouds steadily rolled across the bright, blue sky.

I put our little peddle boat into the water and drifted toward the center of the dark water.  I took several deep breaths of the peaceful air and tried to settle my ever full mind.

photo 2

This time of year has made me nostalgic for all of the changes that have happened over the last 365 days.  Something about the warm sun and long days has brought my mind back to how life used to be.

This time last year, I had no idea that in a short time my whole world was about to change.  This time last year, I was married and living on my lovely little homestead.  I spent the mornings feeding the chickens and tending to the pigs.  My head was full of farm plans yet to come.  Life is completely different now.

Through these moments of reminiscing, I know I am grateful for the memories, the hard life lessons and even more thankful for where this journey has lead me; a beautiful farm full of dreams, life and a brand new beginning.

photo 4


Until next time…




12 thoughts on “Safe Haven

  1. Only a true farm girl would wear boots with shorts. I love the pond. I also love the fact that in spite of the pitfalls in life you haven’t lost your focus on what is in your heart.

  2. You are doing great. The melancholy, the memories, the past make up who we are today. Keep on keeping on, pretty lady. You are an inspiration.

  3. Nice…..Thanks for the Smile already this morning! 🙂
    It’s the Smallest of Blessings that mostly go unrecognized by most…..that give us the Greatest Joys of life! Simplicity….fuel for the soul!
    Oh…by the way! I’m gonna need directions to your pond! lol
    Hope your week is Blessed!
    Peace & Prayers to Ya!

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