How the garden grows


Life is good.  Summertime is my favorite time of year.  Although it is still a few more weeks until the official start of summer, the hot sun and long days make it feels like summertime around here.

My cinderblock garden is off to a great start.  Everything seems to be growing well.  The tomatoes are getting bigger and just now starting to get a hint of color to them.

photo 3

I have never planted lavender before and I have loved watching it bloom.  It has also done a good job of attracting good bugs and keeping the bad ones away.  I love companion gardening!

photo 1

My broccoli is flourishing the most, I already have little broccoli heads peeking up at me.

The squash and zucchini took a while to get started, but have just now begun to really grow like a typical squash plant.

photo 2

It has been nice to not have as many garden chores to do with a smaller garden, but I certainly will miss the big harvest when harvest time comes.

Overall, I would probably do a cinderblock garden again.  I did learn that planting things in the actual cinder blocks is only useful if you water frequently.  In the 90 degree sun, these areas dry out very quickly.

photo 4

Oliver, Raffi and Peanut are all doing well.  Oliver has been getting into plenty of trouble lately, but what else is new! Good thing he is cute.  Oliver’s first birthday is coming up, I haven’t decided what the plan is yet-but it will definitely be something fun.


This week the foundation for our barn began.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I haven’t been able to get out there to see it in person due to my hectic work schedule, but my mama sent me this picture.


Speaking of a hectic work schedule, I have made the decision to leave my current hospital.  Although the folks there are my second family, I won’t be able to afford to build my farmhouse without making a change.  I am planning on beginning a new adventure of travel nursing, but have not settled on an assignment yet.  Travel nursing offers a much better financial advantage and will help me grow as a nurse.  I can “travel” but still work at a hospital 1-2 hours away.  I am super excited to begin this new phase of my career.

I hope all is well with you and yours.  Thank you for visiting the homestead!

Until next time…





17 thoughts on “How the garden grows

  1. Wow your cinder block garden looks super. My mess is going really good. Thanks to you, i planted this, neighbors say, wow also. really didn’t do much, just left it up to the ground and a little help. Keep it going girl, I do love brocoli also. I have 8 tomato plants that are having a party. 3 chili pepper plants that are partying, and 8 hill of potatoes that are showing them selves finally, and 16 green pepper plants that are going crazy, also, 4 cucumber plants that are running like a brand new Ford.I hope everything goes well, for you also. A traveling nurse sounds like a tough job to me, but i could be wrong. I travel a lot, love to be home, over here in little old Nahunta. Take care young lady, i will try to find you on FB if that’s allright 🙂

  2. Your garden looks great! It’s different having a smaller garden but it sounds just the right size for you in your current life phase. Traveling nurses are a special bunch of people. A few years ago my father was very ill and a lot of his nurses during various hospital stays were traveling nurses and they were all very kind, loving and very knowledgeable people! I wish you luck in your new adventure!

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