The farm takes shape


With each passing week, The Big Farm is evolving into the dream we have kept in our hearts over the last few years.

This week brought two significant changes that are very exciting.  Take a look at what is now on the land…




The foundation for our barn! We are now waiting on the rest of the materials to arrive and will hopefully have the barn done in the coming weeks.  As with all projects, we had a few set backs with getting the materials, but all seems to be on track now.

We also had several acres cleared for more pasture space.  I was super surprised at how much the guys got done in just one day.



photo 1 (8)


photo 3 (7)

It is so exciting to see some new developments on the Big Farm.  We are getting a sign made out of cedar wood my Daddy cut from a cedar tree on the farm.  It is being made by a dear friend of the family and once it is complete, I will share the official name of the farm with you.

I have not heard any official word on where my travel nursing adventure will lead me, but a little town in Virginia is in the top running currently.  It will not be easy to leave my ER family, but I know that this sacrifice in the present will pay off in the future.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “The farm takes shape

  1. Red, I am very excited about your traveling nurse job!!!! I am sure you will really enjoy it. My friend once told me that “when God closes a door , a thousand windows of opportunity open. All we have to do is decide which one to use.”

    Life is delicious… Taste it!!!,!

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