The Construction Continues


It is hard to believe that it is coming up on the end of July.  This summer has definitely been slammed pack.  It has been such a fun past few months.

My camping trip to the New River was great.  It was nice to break away and recharge.  There is an unexplainable peace about cooking outside and sitting by a campfire watching the flames dance before crawling into a tent and sleeping under the stars.

Our trip was filled with very unsuccessful fishing (not even a nibble in three days), tubing, canoeing and quiet conversations.  We even saw a Bald Eagle flying along the river, which was incredible.  Once we got home, I left the very next day for my first travel assignment.

I have to say that leaving was tougher than I expected.  It is challenging to be hours away from all the people you love.  It is definitely a different experience to come home to a quiet hotel room after a long shift.  I am so grateful that the staff in the ER I am working in are so welcoming and friendly, without that and the support of an awesome group of friends and family-I am not sure I would have had the courage to do this.

Even though this is a sacrifice now, I know that one day when I am sitting on my farm house deck looking at the pond and listening to my animals graze as the sun goes down, all this hard work will be completely worth it.

Coming home was a great feeling.  I spent an evening with my dear friend who I have been friends with since the second grade.  We went out to the barn where she keeps her horse and soaked up the fabulous weather as we talked and laughed, grooming and bathing her sweet Arabian gelding.

The next day I met a few of my home ER girls for kayaking.  I haven’t ever been kayaking, but I fell in love with it.  Being that close with the water and connecting to it with each stroke was intoxicating.  I instantly felt a sense of calm as I glided quietly among the river.  It was so nice to be back among familiar, laughing faces.


The barn construction is going extremely well. Each day brings more progress and excitement.

photo 2 (10)


photo 1 (10)


photo 3 (9)

We are hoping for continued dry weather and anticipate the barn will be done very soon.  It is such an adventure to watch our dreams slowly unfold into reality.  I am thankful each and every day for all of my many, many blessings.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “The Construction Continues

  1. Happy Saturday too you! 🙂 Wow! Nice see’n so much progress on the barn. I built my shop with the same method as your builders are using… makes such a strong structure. With the post directly embedded in the ground. Love to read your post with all the excitement & future dreams of yours. So excited & Happy for you & your family! Oooh about the fishing….Good thing you didn’t catch a fish! Cause….be’n the animal lover that you are….it would of broke your heart, to have inflicted so much pain in that poor fish. (by hooking it in the mouth) That your nursing instincts would have kicked in & we would be seeing pictures & celebrate’n his/her Birthday next year…along with Oliver’s! How’s the sign coming along? That’s what I do for a living. Hand Carved/ Sandblasted Signs & Custom Woodworking. Along with paintings & Airbrushing. Let me know if your ever interested…I’ll send you a link. Anyways….Good Luck with the new job & the Homestead!
    Peace & Prayers too You, Your Family & All! 🙂

    • Thank you for the wonderful words! I will definitely let you know if we ever need your services. A family friend is currently making our sign for the pond, I will post a picture for you to see soon. Have a great week! Thank you for being a part of the homestead : )

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