A Little Addition to the Homestead


The last two weeks have brought so much progress to the farm.  We have been battling afternoon rains, but even with the weather, the barn is coming along beautifully.

Take a look…


This week the cement floor was also put in.


And the latest picture!


I also adopted a tiny, furry travel buddy this week, her name is Lilly Ann.  She will be taking her maiden voyage to Virginia this week with me so let’s hope she settles in.




This week I will be leaving for the longest stay in Virginia so far.  I am a bit anxious to be gone from home so long, but luckily my boyfriend will be staying at the house to keep Peanut and Oliver company.

My Carolina Country article came out this month, if you missed it, check it out HERE.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “A Little Addition to the Homestead

  1. Wow! What a massive Barn…Nice! Lots of progress being made.
    Hope you had A Good week in Virginia? I’m sure Lilly Ann is Spoiled Rotten by now & Love’n Her New Mommy!
    We’ve been make’n Lots of Jams the last month on this end. (Strawberry, Blackberry, Peach & Plum so far.) Going to try make’n a batch of Jalapeno Jelly this year. (cause we have a garden full of them) Never made it before but….it should at least be Good on some deer roast! The Garden is ready to start canning. Bow Season starts in a Month! Wooo Hooo! Fill the freezer, the wood shed & Settle in for Fall! (My second favorite time of year)
    Life is So Great & Full of…..whatever we make of it!
    Even when Your just….an Ol’ Poor Mountain Boy like me!
    We just have to work a little harder,,,,but it all falls together in the end!
    Have A Great Weekend…My Homestead’n Friend!
    Peace & Prayers too Ya! 🙂

    • It sounds like you have been very busy! I bet those jellies are delicious. I am excited for deer season also. There is a possible 18 point buck on our new farmland. I hope you are having a great week, thank you for adding your mountain homesteading self to our homestead! I hope the next few months bring a bounty for you : )

  2. Funny thing about the jams…..I Really don’t even eat it! I Love it, but for some reason n…I never do! I usually just give it away to Family & Friends. I just Love canning & the feeling of making the Best of what God Blesses me with! Got 3 bushels of pears off of one tree alone. Just canned some pears & made some Wonderful Pear Butter out of the rest!
    I’m going to rent a booth at the Apple Festival this year (in Wilkesboro) to sell some of my wood Crafts…maybe I can get rid of some of it there?
    I think it’s so important to add fruit trees to any homestead. It’s such a Great feelings to watch them grow & produce fruit! Not only for me but for future generations to come.
    I usually wait until the end of the season & go to Lowes, Home Depot & Walmarts.
    They usually have a 1/2 off sale, on left over fruit trees,Blueberry bushes,etc. That’s the Best time to plant anyways.
    Also….get some honey bees for your place. It’s so rewarding.
    About that buck…You forgot to give me directions to your place?
    When they’re that big, that Only means….They’re Smarter than your Average Deer Hunter! Good Luck….He’d look Really nice in your new home place!
    Just 3 more weeks until Bow Season.
    Peace & Prayers to Ya! 🙂 Have A Great week!

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